Monday, October 10, 2011


Moral Free-fall in America: Franklin Graham
Herman Cain is not black enough for liberals

But Cain is fearless and enjoying the ride
Show No. 184-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Reading: Franklin Graham: Lost Without A Moral Compass • Christian rock concerts, Christian hippity hop • THE HERMAN CAIN UPDATE: AUDIO AND COMMENTARY • Audio: The problem is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue • Gary at Freedom is Knowledge helped out with the production on the Lawrence O'Donnell audio • Audio: Herman Cain insulted and demonized by Lawrence O'Donnell on MSNBC • Larry questions Herman Cain's military service three times • Audio: The View talks about the name of Rick Perry's hunting camp • Audio: The View goes nuts over the N word • The black woman who's not Whoopi Goldberg says Barbara Walters says the N word in a white way • Audio: Herman Cain on The View

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Audio: Continuing with The View and Herman Cain on Perry's hunting camp • Audio: Herman Cain rips into a liberal at one appearance last March • Audio: August 2011: Janeane Garofalo says Herman Cain is being paid to run and suffers from Stockholm Syndrome • Audio: Herman Cain responds to Garofalo • Audio: September: Janeane Garofalo goes off on Herman Cain again with Keith Olbermann • Audio: Sarah Palin talks about 'Herb' Cain • Audio: YouTube Schmo Lil Voka says Herman Cain will lose • Audio: Herman Cain on Morgan Freeman • Audio: Herman Cain joins MSNBC round table • Audio: Dallas Pastor says that Romney is not a Christian • Audio: Herman Cain on Mitt Romney's religion • Audio: Amazing clip from Al Sharpton radio show debating Herman Cain's blackness

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Billy Graham: Franklin Graham: Lost Without a Moral Compass
YouTube: CHRISTIAN HIP HOP - Willie Will 'God's Will'
YouTube: Demonstrate All You Want; the Problem is '1600 Pennsylvania Ave'
Freedom Is Knowledge: Freedom is Knowledge Home Page (Thanks Gary!)
YouTube: The View: Herman Cain Talks Politics Part 1
YouTube: The View: Herman Cain Talks Politics Part 2
YouTube: The View: Hot Topics-Using the N-Word Part 1
YouTube: Liberal Confronts Herman Cain!
Real Clear Politics: Garofalo: Herman Cain Paid To Run, Suffers From Stockholm Syndrome
YouTube: Herman Cain Responds To Janeane Garofalo
YouTube: Sarah Palin: You Could Say Herman Cain Is the Flavor of the Week
YouTube: Janeane Garofalo on the racism behind GOP fondness for Herman Cain
YouTube: Lil Voka: Raising 'Herb' Cain!
YouTube: Morgan Freeman Says The TEA Party & Any Opposition To Obama Is Racist
NY Daily News: Herman Cain hits back at Morgan Freeman for calling Tea Party 'racist'
Real Clear Politics: Herman Cain Takes On Entire MSNBC Roundtable After Debate
YouTube: Herman Cain on ABC's This Week
YouTube: UNREAL: Sharpton, Professor Debate Herman Cain's 'Blackness'


John W. said...

Keith Olberman is "mean spirited" you say? Coming from someone who is a fan of Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, and all the other conservative talking heads?? You truly are a fool and a tool.

By the way, I head you say the other day that the walstreet protestors should be arrested for treason... I SAY BRING IT ON. You will get your ass shot trying to silence our free speech.

Jz said...

I love it when you post stupidly! Keep 'em comin'!

Conservative said...

I sure never heard a Tea Party advocate threatening someone getting shot. --Those liberals just don't know how to play nice.

:o) said...

Olberman is a loudmouth and an ignoramus but he certainly uses his free speech- why do leftists always want to resort to violence?

John W. said...

Most birthers are tea party advocates and I've seen countless death threats from them. Even Jimmy Z has been threatened by them. Why do you lie conservative?

Brian(Robot) said...

"I sure never heard a Tea Party advocate threatening someone getting shot. --Those liberals just don't know how to play nice"

Like I always say, liberals are mindless animals.


Brian(Robot) said...

The "N" word was bleeped out so we couldn't hear how Walters and Goldberg were pronouncing it.

Years ago just before I was about to go from a mostly white elementary school to a Jr high school with more black, one of the guys in the neighborhood tried to teach me to talk "black". He sa1d if I talked "white", I would get beat up.

He told me to say "niggah please". I asked him how that would ever come up in a conversation. I asked if I'm having lunch, am I supposed to say, "Nigger please pass the salt?".

The guy told me, "You're saying all wrong. You don't pronounce the "r", the "r" is silent".

Perhaps when the cackling hens on The View were saying the "n" word, the one Negress got upset with Walters because she pronounced the "r" while Goldberg didn't.


John W. said...

"Like I always say, liberals are mindless animals."

There are a lot of mindless animals who want to see you conservatives dead.

Want civil war? Bring it the fuck on...

I know, I know, You say "righties have more guns" .. SO WHAT ? Are you going to go door to door using your gun against everyone who doesn't claim to be a conservative?

When civil war hits this country burns to the ground. *GOOD RIDDANCE

Tommy said...

Liberals the violent one? How brainwashed are you, really?

Here is an article on a popular conservative blog suggesting anyone who doesn't pass the test of being a "real American - i.e. a conservative" be forced out of the country or killed...

Oh but liberals are the violent ones? heh

Brian(Robot) said...

"There are a lot of mindless animals who want to see you conservatives dead."

Yep, just another "peaceful", "tolerant" Liberal.

Cowardly madman. *LOL*



There's no reason to go door to door and shoot liberal when you animals are aborting yourselves out of existence.

Conservative said...

Yep! Those liberals sure don't know how to play nice.