Friday, October 16, 2009


Obama promised health care costs would decrease
The left keeps Limbaugh from buying the Rams

Show No. 200-2009

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Opening • Salutations • Dick Morris on the costs of Obamacare • Heritage Foundation analysis of Obamacare • Audio: Corrine Brown on the floor of the House, praising the Florida Gators • Audio: Sheila Jackson Lee goes after Rush Limbaugh on the floor of the House • Where was she when Perez Hilton was attacking a beauty contestant? • Rant: This is not her business • 200th Show today • Call the NFL, don't watch the NFL • Commentary all over the internet • John Ziegler, Jason Whitlock, Kevin Jackson, American Thinker, Tammy Bruce, Mark Cuban

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Dick Morris: High price of ObamaCare
Hawaii Free Press: $8338 per year, Obamacare invades your wallet
YouTube: Corrine Brown, Go Gatas
LiveLeak: Corrine Brown 'gradulating' the gator football team
YouTube: Democrat congresswoman blasts Limbaugh on the House floor
Big Hollywood: Limbaugh needs to keep fighting
Fox Sports: Goodell should say no to Limbaugh
The Black Sphere: Rush Limbaugh and 'silly Negroes'
American Thinker: Liberals fumble again
Facebook: Tammy Bruce, Rush's Rams
USA Today: Mavericks' owner says NFL 'would be crazy' to approve Limbaugh
BlogMaverick: Mark Cuban's column re Rush Limbaugh
YouTube: Rush Limbaugh's comments on Donovan McNabb

From The Jimmy Z Two Minute Warning™
Times Dispatch: NC state senator shoots, wounds intruder
John Jacob: NC gun control democrat RC Soles shoots intruder

The Antelope Valley Tea Party this Sunday
Call the NFL: (212) 450-2000

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Nearly Nobody said...

I would like to gadulate you on a great show. Speaking of the Gators did you hear about the espn fags and the liberal sports writers attacking Tebow after they found out he was a devout Christian?