Monday, October 19, 2009


Obama to cede US sovereignty?
Juan Williams called a porch monkey by
a racist black liberal

Show No. 201-2009

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Opening • Salutations • Hip internet networking sites • Facebook networking • Be informed • Harvey Milk Day • Pass this program along • The Sunday trip to Lancaster • Church • People who spoke at Tea Party • Letter from Steve • On sponsoring or supporting the show • On the climate change treaty • Audio: Lord Christopher Monckton

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Opening • More on 'ceding' US sovereignty • The pyramid scheme story • Audio: Representative speaks about the UCI Anteaters • SonlitKnight & Jimmy Z • Christie in New Jersey & McDonnell in Virginia • Balloon Boy • Audio: We did it for the show • Update: Rifqa Bary • Juan Williams called a porch monkey

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
C. Mason Weaver website
YouTube: Obama poised to cede US sovereignty
CNN: Balloon Boy incident was a hoax
YouTube: Falcon Heene admits 'we did it for the show'
Newsmax: Rifqa Bary family risks deportation
LA Times: Obama The 'Magic Negro'
YouTube: Juan Williams called porch monkey
YouTube: Juan Williams takes on the race baiters


Beverly Huffman said...

Excellent show Jimmy, I want you to know how much I appreciate the work you are doing for our Country, You are a Patriot. It was such a pleasure to meet you, I will be planning other events here and in the thousand oaks or ventura area in the future and you have an open invitation. Thank you so much, I will be passing your show around. God bless you Jimmy, Beverly Huffman said...

Hurray for Jimmy Z! OUTSTANDING show!
Maybe "great minds think alike" I just posted my "connect the dots" piece regarding your "Balloon Boy"item and "Teachable Moments" /Harvey Milk.

There is also a connection between Swine Flu and Obamacare you may find interesting

Thanks so much for your hard work and GREAT show!

Keep the Faith!


James said...

Hey Jimmy!

Love your show! I've got a link up to your blog at:

Saw your response at Man Pants and wondered if you'd consider cross linking with me as well.


Jimmy Z said...

Thanks! Please send me your email address to the show email,