Friday, October 23, 2009


50 year old cartoon predicted the future
Obama & the redistribution of wealth

Show No. 205-2009

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Swine flu vaccine • Louis Farrakhan • We could feed the world • Reading: Limbaugh on Farrakhan • Conservative groups & coming together • RINOs, the GOP & elections in one year • The definition of 'Fascism' • Email • Newt Gingrich • Say a prayer for Monica • Jethro writes about 'Taking Chance' • LA Times review of 'Taking Chance' • Future World Currency website • Dinosaur cartoon • 50 year old cartoon predicted the future • ElvisNixon website overview • Easily offended folks •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Contessa Brewer on MSNBC calls Jesse Jackson 'Al Sharpton' • Obama thesis paper excerpt surfaces • Audio: Obama in 2007 on redistribution of wealth • Audio: Obama supporters show off their smarts • Audio: Jon Corzine & Barack Obama • Rant: These people who vote for democrats • Jimmy Z says 'go to church' • Canada Free Press, great opinion piece • White House attempts to keep Fox News out of the news loop • Audio: Reports regarding Fox News • Obama dithering on Afghanistan • New unemployment claims rise • Impact of 'stimulus' will 'level off' • 10pm Leno ratings falling • Obama's poll rating drop worst in 50 years

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Fox News: H1N1 Vaccine developed to kill people
Rush Limbaugh: Stack of Stuff quick hits page
LA Times: Review, HBO's 'Taking Chance'
Future World Currency home page
The Jimmy Z Show: Dinosaur cartoon
YouTube: 50 year old cartoon predicted the future home page
YouTube: MSNBC's Contessa Brewer calls Jesse Jackson 'Al Sharpton'
American Thinker: Obama's Columbia thesis excerpt surfaces
YouTube: President Obama stumps for New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine
Canada Free Press: This isn't change, it's treason
YouTube: ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN refuse administration request to block Fox News
Reuters: Afghan troop decision possible before vote result
Fox News: New unemployment claims rise more than expected
AP: Romer, Impact of stimulus will level off
THR Feed: FX's 'Anarchy' is first basic cable series to beat Leno
Telegraph UK: Barack Obama sees worst poll rating drop in 50 years

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