Thursday, October 22, 2009


White House to cut executive pay by 90%
Arizona muslim runs daughter down

Show No. 204-2009

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Opening • Communism or fascism? • White House to cut pay of executives • Audio: Obama says Republicans 'do what they're told' • Democrats lose big test vote on health care • Senator Leyhe can't say where the Constitution authorizes government to force Americans to buy health insurance • Rant: Government cutting companies' salaries • Where are the thoughtful liberals? • Obama 'inhilator' bit • Dodgers • Reading: Just say no to blasphemy laws • Arizona muslim runs daughter down with the car • Where is N.O.W.? • 2nd stimulus plan? No, this would be the third • Tyrone on YouTube speaks about Obama in New Orleans • FCC Net Neutrality update

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
CNBC: US said to order deep pay cuts at bailed out companies
Brietbart: Republicans 'do what they're told'
NY Times: Democrats lose big test vote on health legislation
CNS News: Senate Judiciary Chair can't identify Constitutional authority
USA Today: Just say no to blasphemy laws
Atlas Shrugs: Arizona muslim runs down daughter for being 'westernized'
Arizona Daily Sun: 2nd stimulus in the works
YouTube: Rich white liberal democrats more important to Obama
Wake Up Black America blog
Faultline USA: FCC moved to codify network neutrality principles

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