Monday, October 26, 2009


Chuck Norris on the Climate Change Treaty
Americans trust Republicans more on
ten of the biggest issues we face

Show No. 206-2009

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Opening • Facebook blather: People joking about a rope, a tree & a hanging • Audio: The Monday Two-Minute Warning • ObamaCare preview: Shortages and lines • Except from Obama's 'thesis' in college was a fake • Audio: Obama on the Constitution and redistribution of wealth • Audio: Obama on the flawed Constitution • Rant: It was the Constitution that ended slavery • Chuck Norris on Obama's 1-world government • Obama won't talk climate change in Copenhagen • White House will not allow 'czars' to testify before (the democrat led) Congress • 180 acre solar panel plant to power 3,000 homes and businesses

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Opening • Song parody: 'Reverend Al' (featuring audio production adjustments by Jimmy Z!) • Comparison of who Americans trusted one year ago with who American trust today: We are winning • The GOP is trusted by Americans on all ten issues • Audio: Jimmy Z's speech at the Antelope Valley Tea Party • SonlitKnight & Jimmy Z • What the Rasmussen surveys mean • Conservative candidates in New York & Florida • Palin on Hoffman • Audio: John MacArthur on Barack Obama

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Obama constitution quote in context
WND: Obama's 1-world government by Chuck Norris
Times Online UK: Obama won't talk climate change in Copenhagen
CNS News: White House to keep Obama's 'czars' from testifying
AP: Largest solar panel plant in the US
Rasmussen: American trust on the issues Oct. 2008
Rasmussen: American trust on the issues Oct. 2009
YouTube: John MacArthur calls Obama a 'Non-Christian'


Nearly Nobody said...

Ben Franklin talked of women of low breading. That can be the only explanation for this women who thinks they can threaten the President and that it will somehow be productive. Not playing with a full deck and not worth your time!

Jimmy Z said...

You know, you may be right about constructive use of time, but by golly there are people out there like this, in our midst, and we must separate ourselves from them.


Hi, Jimmy Z!:
Thanks so much for the GREAT "take" on ELVISNIXON.COM on Fridays show.

Conservatives in FLA and NY are doing great but also in VIRGINIA!

Friday's ELVISNIXON.COM has a post about the fact that a CHRISTIAN and CONSERVATIVE candidate is crushing the Obama democrat.


PS- The statements that woman made are disgusting - I mentioned in the context of the "Illegal 'Alien" dust up in the OC Register and Target stores that SARA PALIN was HUNG in EFFIGY in West Hollywood last Halloween and it was presented as somehow "funny"- This whole type of insane discussion of "hanging" stuff is SHAMEFUL and NOT funny- you are right

Nearly Nobody said...