Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Limbaugh address the moral decay in America
Republicans act like democrats, still expect
you to vote for them

Show No. 203-2009

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Opening • Audio: Cavudo discusses Republican votes and liberal candidates • Reading: Doug Hoffman addresses Dede Scozzofava • Drudge Report focuses on the declining US dollar: Oh no! • Audio: FCC to vote on Net Neutrality • It looks like the NFL didn't forbid Limbaugh from being an owner • The only good environmentalist is the one who kills himself • Audio: Tony Katz at the Antelope Valley Tea Party • Democrats work on health care bill behind closed doors • Rant: Transparent? No Bi-partisan? No • Jack at CBC says 'we can do better' • Audio: RNC video at YouTube • Audio: Rush Limbaugh, One species knows God •

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Tea Parties challenge GOP RINOs Contact Newt Gingrich's spokesman
Michelle Malkin: A message from conservative candidate Doug Hoffman
The Politico: Zeroing in on the dollar's decline
YouTube: FCC to vote on Net Neutrality
Washington Post: Small group now leads closed door health care reform
Conservative Blogs Central: Conservatives, you can do better than this!
YouTube: Behind closed doors
The Jimmy Z Show Blog: Antelope Valley Tea Party Speeches

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