Friday, October 30, 2009


Pelosi blocks the public at health care bill unveiling
Ted Nugent interview Vegas at the SHOT Show

Show No. 210-2009

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Opening • 'The Days of B. Hussein' - Jimmy Z • This morning's Two-Minute Warning™ • 2,000 pages • Audio: John Boehner • New taxes in the new House bill • Rant: Health care required by the government & Obama's tax pledge • GOP asks Harry Reid to publish the health care bill online • Pelosi's unveiling of the health care bill closed to the public • Audio: People being denied access to the steps of the capitol building • 'Death panels' remain in the House bill • The unemployment extension is attached to another bill • Air America 'poll' shows Americans willing to pay higher taxes • Doug Hoffman's great piece, Take back the party!

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
SonlitKnight & Jimmy Z • Reviewing the coming elections next Tuesday • Joe Lieberman • Audio: Wonderful interview with Ted Nugent at the SHOT Show • Lieberman moving to the right • Audio: Rush Limbaugh goes nuclear over stimulus 'jobs creation' • James David Manning banned from Youtube

Click HERE to see the scariest Halloween mask EVER!

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: House Minority Leader on health care reform bill
GOP website: Health care solutions for America
YouTube: Boehner, Democrats' bill a government takeover
Washington Examiner: 13 new tax hikes found in 1,990 page house bill
The Hill: Senate GOP to Reid, publish health care bill online
Washington Times: Democrats handpick reform bill audience
Breitbart TV: Pelosi's public unveiling of public option closed to public
Breitbart TV: Pelosi denies public access to public space for public plan announcement
Fox News: So-called 'death panel' measure survives in house health bill
Air America: Senate standoff wringing unemployment benefits dry
Air America: Poll shows America willing to pay higher taxes
NY Post: Doug Hoffman, Take back the party!
YouTube: 2008 SHOT show interview with Ted Nugent (Part 1)
YouTube NRA Videos channel
ABC News: Sen. Joe Lieberman says he'll back Republicans in 2010 midterms
YouTube: Rush Limbaugh goes nuclear on dishonesty of Obama admin over jobs
AP: Stimulus jobs overstated by thousands Pastor David Manning banned from YouTube
YouTube: The White Rodney King


badbear said...

Have not heard the show yet, getting it now but I did see Manning's video a few days ago. You can find them at or his website at
Join his facebook at

Freedomlover said...

JZ Man that Pelosi Mask is incredible. It looks so death like. Just like the old marm herself.

I still find it hard to believe she is the speaker of the house.

Looks to me like she needs a broom to ride.

christine Gates said...

Manning's videos have been removed by YouTube.

Joe Seales said...

Thanks for talking about my story. Great show, count me as a new listener!

Jimmy Z said...

@Freedomlover: Haha! Yeah, that was the photo that I found online, taken during the unveiling of the House bill. Terrible sight. I saw her face, and immediately thought, Halloween mask! She's a scary broad alright.

@Christine: Just checked, for what it's worth, and his videos are still running this morning. I think they want the traffic, but won't let him post new content anymore.

@Joe Seales: You did something very important with your piece, you talked about the larger issues that are in play concerning the banning of Manning (hey! I'm a poet and I'm unaware!). Sure, Youtube is a privately owned website, and they can cut whoever they want to cut. But it's WHO they cut and for what reasons that matter. I have seen the most vulgar, profane, disgusting rants of hate against the political right on Youtube -- those people are still there, still able to load content.