Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Zero tolerance policy may send 6 year old to
reform school for 45 days

Governor Schwarzenegger - spineless loser

Show No. 197-2009

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Opening • Zero tolerance could send 6 year old to reform school for 45 days • Email from listeners • Another great piece from ElvisNixon.com, Fleeing liberal churches? The intolerance of 'tolerance' • Steve Wynn on Fox News Sunday with Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm • Schwarzenegger signs all kinds of liberal bills • Homosexual bills signed by the Governator • Harvey Milk Day in California •

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Schwarzenegger signs ammunition bill • NRA Email regarding ammunition bill • Monty Python 'Military Fairies' sketch • Day of silence in schools Oct 20 against abortion • RINO Lindsey Graham working with John Kerry on Climate Change bill • Supposed racist Rush Limbaugh quote and the bid to purchase the St. Louis Rams • Audio: Limbaugh on the Rams purchase • AfroConservative: Liberal democrats destroyed the Black Family • Charlie Rangel and the democrats who support him

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Zero tolerance controversy, 6 year old student
NY Times: It's a fork, it's a spoon, it's a ... weapon?
ElvisNixon: Fleeing liberal churches? The intolerance of 'tolerance'
Rush Limbaugh: Steve Wynn schools Jennifer Granholm on how to create jobs
Christian News Wire: Governor signs two pro-homosexual bills
Newsmax: Schwarzenegger oks day honoring gay activist Milk
CNS News: California lawmakers push 'Harvey Milk Day'
Examiner.com: Schwarzenegger signs handgun ammo registration bill
YouTube: Monty Python 'Military Fairies' sketch
Christian News Wire: Hundreds of thousands of students will refuse to speak
Fox News: Graham backs push for climate change legislation
ESPN: Union opposes Rush Limbaugh's bid to buy St. Louis Rams
Smash Mouth Politics: Quotation attributed to Limbaugh is a damnable lie
Rush Limbaugh: A response to hateful slander
AfroConservative: Liberal democrats destroyed Black America
The Politico: House ethics panel expands Charlie Rangel probe
Lindsey Graham website


RainbowBryte said...

Its funny how you guys consider the left wing as the whiny ones, when it has been you republicans that have been bitching and moaning for the past year because you didn't win the election. Give me a break.

2nd, homophobia isn't a mental disorder, homophobia isn't even a phobia i don't know why it is called one, homophobia is hate and judgment. Which is a sin, love they neighbor and all that garbage. You must be gay if you are so sure that it is a choice. That is what I don't understand, why you Christians keep saying that us homosexuals choose to be gay. We do not choose to be gay just as you didn't choose to be straight. The only thing we ever chose was to not live our lives as a lie and not deny ourselves being with who we love.

Jimmy Z said...

I discussed this on my show today. You'll enjoy it. Should be up by 1pm west coast time.