Friday, July 23, 2010


Glenn Beck on the Finance Reform law just signed
Steinbrenner heirs will pay no federal estate tax
'Not the white man's bitch' - Ieshuh Griffin
Show No. 136-2010

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Opening • Tea Party Implosion: Analysis and commentary • Overview • Political power grabs within the Tea Party movement • Reading: Darla's column at ResistNet: Is the Tea Party revolution imploding? • Jimmy Z's commentary on Tea Party factions and the implosion behind the scenes • Do we have time for these 'leaders' to vent? • Audio: Glenn Beck on the new Finance Reform law • Charlie Rangel indicted on ethics violations • Audio: Press conference with Charlie Rangel •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Steinbrenner heirs get to avoid a 55% estate tax • Audio: Milwaukee candidate Ieshuh Griffin's campaign slogan: Not the white man's bitch • Rant: Her slogan is not offensive, derogatory or racial! • Reality Check Commentary with Michael Stollaire • Leadership in America (or the lack thereof) • General McChrystal • Propaganda is America • Unemployment claims up again, higher than 'expected' • Resale homes sales down • Rant: Republicans' stand against extending unemployment • Congress ranks last in confidence of institutions survey • Tea Party wrap up: Arguments, power plays and bad blood among Tea Party 'leaders' •

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ROBOT said...

Ieshuh Griffin isn't the "white man's bitch", she's just a bitch PERIOD.


Freedomlover said...

About the Tea Party implosian. Isn't that just what the establishment republicans want? They're just as bad as the Dems. We need to start identifying as Conservatives, not, Republicans, if the Repubs won't walk the line, then some how, some way, we have to form a new party, or movement!

chrismccune said...

youtube video By: Chris McCune
                So there’s plans                             
to build a big ole victory mosque                         
up in New York City.
Stones throw from Ground Zero
where twin towers stood so tall.
I don’t know if it’s
our pure ignorance
or sheer arrogance.
That attack by islamic radicals
was a murderous act of war.

Extremist steeped in Allah’s religion
those beliefs took our towers
to the ground.
This new mosque 
Is a symbol of victory
to your Jihadist brother.
Signaling they’re succeeding.
They’re taking America out.

And thats an insult to the patriots         
of this country.
Not to mention 
the memory of people
that have never been found.                       
This shouldn’t be a topic
that we need to be discussing
let alone even be thought about.
That’s a slap in the face
a stab in the heart
I’m not about letting
Lady Liberty down.
Or the innocent lives lost
when terrorist attacked our towns
Stand up let’s roll
for flight ninety - three.
All the rescue teams
and the folks at the Pentagon.

Say no to the mosque
at this location.
Turn that crusade on around
for the people who died that day
nine eleven two thousand one.

I pledge allegiance to this country
I know everybody here knows
what I’m talking about.
Ground Zero’s not a place
for a mosque / any o-how.
(spoken) “curious”
Still we welcome you here
with tolerance.
and you can build your mosque
on the other side of town.
Not stones throw away
from this hallowed ground.

American blood
virtuous lives and God
occupy that place right now.
We need to stand up
and roll for flight ninety three.
All the rescue teams
and folks at the pentagon.
Say no to a mosque
at this location
turn that crusade on around.

For the people who died that day
they tried to bring America down
nine, eleven, two thousand one.