Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Analysis & commentary: The GOP working with Obama
13 year old girl meeting men on Facebook, MySpace
Majority of American believe Obama is a socialist
Show No. 131-2010

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Opening • Messages from the Comment Line • SonlitKnight on Boxer, Governors races • Monica on the Monday Show • Why no show yesterday? • Audio: Rush Limbaugh: Do we want to go backwards? Hell yes! • Rant: Liberal leadership • Audio: Rush Limbaugh on 'cracker' George Steinbrenner • Liberal who loaded the video online took Limbaugh seriously • Jesse Jackson says Cavaliers' owner of acting like a slave owner • David Stern fines Dan Gilbert, Cavs owner • Rant: The Republican party still does not get it • Republicans helping Obama pass Finance Reform • Republicans are not resisting the confirmation of Elena Kagan • Lack of leadership • Voting for Republicans or third party candidates • Patience and hard work needed to push the GOP to the right • SonlitKnight & Jimmy Z • Republicans still do not get it • Snowe, Collins & Brown side with Obama and Finance Reform • Republican budget cut of 2% •

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Opening • SonlitKnight & Jimmy Z continued • Republicans: Where is the Minority Leader? • Fighting the democrat with their tactics • Republicans are unwilling to stand against Obama's agenda • Tea Partiers going after Scott Brown for supporting Finance Reform • 13 year old girl meets 48 and 68 year old men in Orange County • Rant: Where are her parents? • Dearborn Michigan says missionaries are 'attacking' the city • Audio: Michelle Obama upset over African-American community being hit so hard by Obama's policies • Audio: Jim Moran says Obama's last 6 months is the best 6 months in American presidential history • Cavuto interview on Fox today regarding the Census counting illegal aliens • White House's Robert Gates admits GOP is likely to take over the House • Oil executive's wife injured by bomb left on doorstep •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Rush Limbaugh: Do we want to go backwards? Hell yes!
YouTube: The blatant racism of Rush Limbaugh
Huffington Post: Dan Gilbert Letter: LeBron James 'narcissistic', deserted Cleveland
Examiner: Jesse Jackson: Spewing hate and his own brand of racism
Yahoo Sports: David Stern chimes in on 'The Decision' and Dan Gilbert's letter
NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers: Majority owner Dan Gilbert issues statement
Fox News: Tea Partiers target Scott Brown over support for Financial Reform
OC Register: 13 year old girl connects with 48 and 68 year old men on Facebook
World Net Daily: Mayor says arrested Christians 'attacked' Michigan city
Fox News: Illegal immigrants raped 14 year old Texas girl
Fox Business: It's official: Obama is a socialist
ABC News: Michelle Obama to the NAACP: Increse intensity
Citizens Against Pro Obama Media: Rep Moran: 'Most successful last 6 months in history'
AP: Obama spokesman says democrats could lose the House
Fox Nation: Oil exec's wife injured by bomb left on doorstep

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