Thursday, July 8, 2010


House Dems 'deem' the new budget as 'passed'!
Black Panther racist was intimidating voters in 2008
Fed sues AZ; Krauthammer says they will lose
Show No. 128-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Why Obama is not a Christian, Reason #5 • Salutations • Comment line messages • Job offer from USC video gamers • Joke from Michael Stollaire • The most dangerous issue facing America today • Audio: Megyn Kelly interviews J. Christian Adams • Voter fraud allowed by the Obama Justice Department • 38 years later, Chicago's Dialogue Part 1 & 2 (lyrics below in the show notes) • New Black Panther King Samir Shabazz • Racism, hatred for white people • Audio: Documentary about racist Samir Shabazz • Reading quotes and more about Shamu Pizazz • Rant: This is the guy Obama and Holder dropped the charges on • These people are victims of their own hate •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Rant: If we don't stop this voter fraud, the American experiment is over • ARIZONA & Immigration • The Feds sue the state of Arizona • Rant: The Federal Govt is not enforcing any immigration law • Gov Jan Brewer's response to the Fed lawsuit • Audio: Charles Krauthammer says the Feds will lose • Reading: Study shows that illegals are committing voter fraud • The latest report on the cost of illegal immigration to you, the taxpayer • Costs State by State • Wells Fargo launders Mexican drug cartel money • Audio: Rep Pete Stark, jackass • Rant: Describing Pete Stark • Audio: Glenn Beck on Pete Stark • Six Mexico governors threaten to boycott annual conference • TSA backs out of controversial website blocking memo • Obama appoints Donald Berwick during Congressional recess • Berwick is pro health care rationing • West Virginia Governor now wants a special election • Cyber shield planned for utilities and companies • US Supreme Court Justice Kennedy says he'll stay until after Obama's term • Watch the flag video! • House democrats 'deem' a faux budget as having been 'passed'

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Why Obama is not a Christian, Reason #5
YouTube: DOJ and Obama sanction voter fraud
Lyrics Freak: Chicago, Dialogue Part 1 & 2
Wikipedia: Chicago V
Ironic Surrealism: New Black Panther leader King Samir Shabazz: Kill some crackers, kill their babies
YouTube: The New Black Panther Party Part 2 (of 4)
AP: Govt files suit to throw out AZ immigration law
AFP: US Government sues AZ over anti-immigration law
Facebook: Governor Jan Brewer's statement regarding federal lawsuit against AZ
Real Clear Politics: Krauthammer: Government will lose case against AZ
Canada Free Press: Illegal alien voters ignored by Justice Department
Fox News: Illegal immigration costs US $113 billion a year
Bloomberg: Banks financing Mexico gangs admitted in Wells Fargo deal
YouTube: The borders are secure proclaims Rep. Pete Stark
YouTube: Glenn Beck's heartfelt message to Pete Stark
NY Post: Obama says being American is 'not a matter of blood or birth'
Fox News: Border conference in jeopardy after Brewer-Mexico dispute
CBS News: TSA responds to web blocking memo
Human Events: To 10 things Obama does not want you to know about Donald Berwick
West Virginia Gazette: Manchin wants election this year for Byrd's seat
Wall Street Journal: US program to detect cyber attacks on infrastructure
NY Daily News: Conservative Justice Kennedy tells pals he's in no rush to leave
YouTube: What a way to fly our flag!
Human Events: House Democrats 'deem' faux $1.1 trillion budget as being 'passed'

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