Monday, July 26, 2010


Real unemployment at 21.5%
Shirley Sherrod: The Update

Commentary and analysis featuring The Master
Negotiator, Anderson Cooper and Jimmy Z

Show No. 137-2010

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Opening • Salutations • 'Kings of Leon' forced off the stage in St. Louis concert by pigeon bombardment • Audio: Exclusive on The Jimmy Z Show: Live concert recording during pigeon bird dropping melee • 80% of California firms have no employees • Real unemployment: 21.5% • Audio: Mexico border cities on lockdown due to deadly gun battles • Shirley Sherrod: The update • Audio: Shirley Sherrod on racial purity • Rant: Democrats focus on skin color because they have no character to be judged by • Audio: The Master Negotiator's odd analysis • Rant: The White House fires Sherrod and blames Breitbart • Audio: Keith Olbermann gets everything entirely wrong as he throws another fit (featuring commentary along with way with Jimmy Z) • Rant: Obama does have consensus, Obama is doing a bad job • Audio: Shirley Sherrod on CNN • Audio: Anderson Cooper on Journalism • Rant: What's wrong with an apology? • Audio: Shirley Sherrod says Andrew Breitbart wants to go back to the times of slavery • Rant: Racism and Obama's Presidency •

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
CNN Entertainment: Birds force Kings of Leon from St. Louis stage
OC Register: 80% of California firms have no employees
SHTF Plan: The Real Unemployment rate: 21.5%
Fox News: Texas border city on lockdown
YouTube: Shirley Sherrod's comments on racial purity
YouTube: The Master Negotiator comments on Shirley Sherrod
YouTube: Keith Olbermann throws a fit about Shirley Sherrod
YouTube: Shirley Sherrod, Obama administration fires black people
YouTube: Anderson Cooper 'Journalism should be about the truth'
Riehl World News: Shirley Sherrod beneath the headlines
YouTube: Shirley Sherrod goes after Breitbart with Anderson Cooper

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