Friday, July 30, 2010


Is Obama still considering an amnesty 'end-around'?
• CIA and Google back internet monitoring company
Olympia Snowe voted yes; is now surprised
about provisions in the bill she did not read

• EPA says climate change is real, caused by humans
• Democrats working to bypass the Electoral College

Show No. 141-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Update: The Gulf Oil Spill • Reviewing Obama's reaction to the oil spill • Time Magazine article asks, 'has the damage been exaggerated?' • Rant: Hysterical predictions of doom from the Gulf oil spill • Audio: Rush Limbaugh talking about the Time article and predictions of doom • The left is angry with Obama for doing nothing to help the oil spill • Doom and gloomers have been proven wrong & Jimmy Z was right • Music: 'Obama Will Save The Day' • Review: Jimmy Z coverage of amnesty shenanigans • National Review: The Amnesty Memo • Google and the CIA working with web monitoring company • Audio: Jon Voight with Glenn Beck regarding Israel • Rant: The Constitution means nothing to democrats • DOJ accused of stalling MOVE act military voting •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Music: 'It's a Fine Time To Leave Us Barack' song parody • MOVE act and the military vote, continued • Audio: Chris Christie on teachers pensions and benefits • The Chevrolet Volt electric car • Audio: Rush Limbaugh on the Chevy Volt • Rant: The government has to bribe Americans to buy 'green' crap • $41,000 car gets 40 miles on a charge • How much does it cost on your electric bill to charge an electric car? • Comparison: Nissan Leaf vs Chevrolet Volt • The 72 hp Volt runs on premium gas • Audio: Chris Christie on Today with Matt Lauer • Audio: Discussion about unknown provision in Finance Reform law • Rant: Olympia Snowe should have read the bill! • Audio: Mika Brezenski: If women were in charge, Wall Street would not have melted down • Rant: Women supervisors, pensions and Wall Street • The EPA denies petitions over faked, fudged science • No evidence supports any claim that science was fudged, according to the EPA • Democrats are circumventing the Electoral College state by state •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Rush Limbaugh: The obnoxious anti-environmentalist was right
YouTube: Obama super hero song by Jib-Jab
National Review: The Amnesty Memo
Wired: Google, CIA invest in 'Future' of web monitoring
Facebook: Video: John Voight on Barack Obama, Israel and terrorism
Fox News: DOJ accused of stalling on MOVE act for military voters
Real Clear Politics: Gov. Christie on saving money and the hard decisions
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Motors shills Chevy Volt without help from EIB
MSNBC: Comparing Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt electric cars
The Truth About Cars: Chevy Volt: 40 miles without a drop of premium gas
Business Week: Chevrolet Volt fatigue setting in
National Review Video: Chris Christie with Matt Lauer on Today
National Review: Discussion of hidden aspects of the Finance Reform law
EPA: EPA rejects claims of flawed climate science
World Net Daily: Guess what part of the Constitution goes next!


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Just wanted to drop a quick note to say I really like your blog!

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When you only have time to listen to one show, this is the show to listen to.

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