Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Only 36% of Americans would vote for Obama!
An apology: Fired USDA official is NOT a racist
Jimmy Z interviewed at Wildcat 91.9
Elena Kagan supported Sharia Law
Show No. 135-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Salutations • Mr. Obama's series of 'royal' concerts at the White House • Audio: Obama is thrilled to host Broadway music concert • Rant: The hero (conservatives) can triumph over evil (Obama) • Only 36% of Americans say they would vote for Obama over an unnamed Republican • Obama's claim of saving or creating 3.6 million jobs debunked • An apology: Edited tape changes context of Shirley Sherrod's speech to the NAACP • Audio: Jimmy Z reading transcript of a portion of Sherrod's speech on yesterday's show • Audio: Andrew Brietbart and Sean Hannity discuss the short form Shirley Sherrod video • Sherrod was forced to immediately resign via Blackberry • Rant: We don't care what color Obama is • Rant: The worst part of this edited tape controversy • Are other hosts apologizing? • Shirley Sherrod should be applauded, not labeled as a racist • Audio: George Stephanopolis interview with Shirley Sherrod • Jimmy Z's apology for accusing Ms. Sherrod of being a racist • NAACP says they were 'snookered' by the Tea Party • Audio: Breitbart on Hannity last night • Rant: I'm not satisfied with the talk show hosts' response •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Email from 'Willie' on the Tea Party movement • Audio: Paul Ibbetson's interview with Jimmy Z • On starting the Jimmy Z Show • Website, show notes, documentation • On saving the United States • Voter intimidation & voter fraud • The next Republican candidate needs to be the best of our lifetime • Keep the faith, we can save America • SonlitKnight & Jimmy Z • Republicans poised to take over the House and the Senate • Republican outperforming the PVI by 18 points • Voters vote the economy • The issue is 'jobs' • Republican success is due to the Obama agenda • Elena Kagan supported Sharia Law at Harvard

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Obama: Immigration and broadway musicals
CBS News: The White House gets into a Broadway state of mind
Quinnipiac: Obama approval drops to lowest
Bloomberg: Obama omits jobs killed or thwarted from tally
YouTube: Hannity and Breitbart
Washington Post: Firing of USDA official Shirley Sherrod now under review
ABC News: Shirley Sherrod 'not sure' she wants her job back
NY Times: Longer video of speech in question is released by the NAACP
NY Times: NAACP Backtracks on official accused of bias
YouTube: Andrew Breitbart on Hannity 7-20-2010
Fox News: Andrew Breitbart on Hannity 'This is not about Shirley Sherrod'
Ibbetson on USA: Paul Ibbetson's website
Real Clear Politics: Perriello down by 23 points
Dick Morris: Kagan promoted Sharia law at Harvard

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