Sunday, July 4, 2010


The United States of America is 234 years old
Pray for America and our leaders!

Show No. 125-2010

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Opening comments • 8 year old Jaycie sings America The Beautiful, 9/11 in 2006 • Carolyn's Pledge of Allegiance • The Star Spangled Banner by The Cactus Cuties • The Declaration of Independence, read in its entirety • Kevin Spacey reading the 'abolition of a destructive government' portion • Johnny Cash: The Ragged Old Flag • The Battle Hymn of the Republic, read by Jimmy Z • Ron Phillips on America's divine origin & the American Flag • The Stars and Stripes Forever (performers unknown) • Audio: Voting on the Declaration of Independence, from John Adams, the mini-series • My Country Tis of Thee (vocalist unknown) • Chuck Smith, today at Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa: 'Here Am I Lord, Use Me' • Music from Calvary Chapel: America, Bless God •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video (in no particular order)
Wikipedia: Lyrics and history, Battle Hymn of the Republica
YouTube: My Country Tis of Thee
YouTube: America the Beautiful by Jaycie, 9-11-06
YouTube: Declaration of Independence reading
YouTube: Declaration of Independence, Hollywood version
Ron Phillips Ministries: Watch online
YouTube: John Adams mini-series: Declaration of Independence

2 comments: said...

AWESOME show JimmyZ!

The Chuck Smith portion is really challenging to us all

We need to always remember that when America forgets that she is Under God she will be six feet under- just like all the other great empires

juryrocket said...

God Bless America, and don't stop fighting for our freedom. Next item on the big gov power agenda to reduce more of our freedoms is financial deform. This bill gives massive new powers to the gov over business to deem any business too "risky" and it also institutionalizes too PC (politically correct) to fail. Here's a great parody: