Thursday, July 29, 2010


The Feds argue immigration enforcement is their job
SB 1070 defended by its highest profile opponent!
Mexicans plan as children to come to the US illegally
Show No. 140-2010

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Opening • The El Kabong! Saga, Part 1 • Messages from the Jimmy Z Comment Line • SonlitKnight: The importance of the Governor's races • Rant: Democrats attacking the Electoral College now • Message: Call criticizing your host • Message: SonlitKnight on the Nevada Senate race • Message: SonlitKnight on the coming Republican victories in Congres • The El Kabong! Saga, Part 2 • Analysis of the Arizona ruling from the National Review • Andrew McCarthy • Rant: The Federal government's argument that immigration enforcement is their job • Heather MacDonald • Audio: John & Ken interview writer of SB 1070 Kris Kobach • The El Kabong! Saga, Part 3 • National Review piece by Mark Levin • The El Kabong! Saga, Part 4 • Reading: National Review Editors' Op Ed on the Arizona immigration law ruling • Terry Goddard, AZ's Atty General defending SB 1070 • Audio: NPR introduction of Atty General Goddard • Rant: The man defending SB 1070 is against it!

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Audio: NPR interview with Terry Goddard, AZ Atty General • Audio: Tim Conway Jr. and KFI reporter talk about Terry Goddard • Audio: Terry Goddard's • Jan Brewer way ahead in the polls • The El Kabong! Saga, Part 5 • Reading a tear jerker: Fear in Mexican village because of Arizona's immigration law • Mexicans plan as children to come to the US illegally • One woman's two (of six!) children are in the US illegally sending money back • Picture of Mexicans praying that God will protect their illegal status • US Dept of Justice statement regarding AZ court ruling • Rant: 'Interrupting federal immigration enforcement' • Safe passage called for illegals leaving the US • The El Kabong! Saga, Part 6 • THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO HMM • Audio: Glenn Beck: The SEC is now exempt from the Freedom of Information Act • American Thinker and Fox Business on the FOIA exemption for the SEC • Audio: Fox Business on the Freedom of Information Act • The El Kabong! Saga conclusion •

NOTE: I have found that Mr. Goddard may have indeed removed himself from defending SB 1070 in court. If you listen to the Tim Conway Jr. segment, it sounds as though Mr. Goddard did indeed defend the law in court. Though I found articles about Goddard pulling himself from the court case, I cannot find the name of the attorney who ended up doing the job or whether or not he or she works for Mr. Goddard in the Attorney General's office in Arizona. I will find what I can tonight and update you tomorrow. --Jz

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
National Review Online: Andrew McCarthy: Arizona immigration decision
National Review Online: Heather MacDonald: What Judge Bolton's injunction doesn't say
National Review Online: Mark R. Levin: An Abominable Decision
National Review Online: The Editors: Detaining Arizona
NPR: Arizona's Attorney General walks immigration tightrope
NPR: AG supports immigration reform but not new law
YouTube: Attorney General Goddard's statement on SB 1070 ruling
Phoenix New Times: Jan Brewer has big lead over Terry Goddard in AZ Governor's race
BBC: Arizona immigration law stokes fear in Mexican village
AP: Justice Department says judge ruled correctly in Arizona case
Reuters: Photo of illegals' shrine, pray that God will let them stay in America
Fox News: Anti-illegal immigration group calls for 'safe passage' of illegals of out of US
Facebook: Glenn Beck videos: Say goodbye to transparency
American Thinker Blog: Transparency for thee but not for me
Fox Business: SEC says new Financial Reform regulation law exempts it from public disclosure

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