Thursday, March 3, 2011


Lloyd Marcus on the left media & black racism
Eric Holder's DOJ: A race-based system of justice

Yaron Brook's speech at the Tea Party Summit
Show No. 042-2011

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Opening • ON IMPEACHING OBAMAObama, Eric Holder and The Defense of Marriage Act • Audio: Newt Gingrich talks about Obama and DOMA • Rant: Obama does not have the ability to determine any law's constitutionality • The US Supreme Court should speak out • Audio: John Boehner says Congress will intervene • Audio: Trent Franks on impeaching Holder or Obama • Conservatives are calling for impeachment • Rant: Just say no to impeachment, we can't succeed • Audio: Yaron Brook's speech at the Tea Party Patriots summit • Our National Anthem • Audio: Ralph Nader calls for a peaceful revolution against corporations • Audio: Eric Holder defends not prosecuting the New Black Panther case • Holder refers to 'my people' • Whites haven't suffered enough •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Song parody: 'Honda Hybrid', Jimmy Z • Audio: News report on $700 million worth of mosque upkeep in the Middle East • Obama continues to defy the rule of law in this country • Audio rewind: Rush Limbaugh: Increasingly lawless president • Florida judge orders Obama to expedite his appeal on Obamacare ruling • The liberal media gives White House a pass on black racism • Rant: The media is not reporting black racism • Obama is not delivering equal justice • The left attacks conservative media for reporting what Holder said • Rant: Obama's racial hatred has been documented • Obama and the Tea Party: It's racial, he thinks • Sheila Jackson Lee curses out her employees • Audio: Jackson-Lee ignores woman at a town hall meeting • Audio: Sheila Jackson-Lee on with Greta • Ray calls in about Obama and President Felipe Calderon • Charlie Brown's teacher •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Newsmax: Gingrich: If Palin took Obama's actions there would be calls for impeachment
ABC News: Rep Steve King: Cut DOJ budget over Obama's DOMA decision
On Top Magazine: John Boehner on DOMA: We are going to intervene
YouTube: House Speaker Boehner on 'On The Record' with Greta Van Susteren
Wall Street Journal: Sizing up the impact of Obama's DOMA decision
World Net Daily: 1st call for impeachment by member of Congress
YouTube: Trent Franks calls for Obama impeachment over DOMA
Rasmussen Reports: Obama approval index history
Patriot Action Network: Jimmy Z: For those who think impeachment is a good idea
Facebook: Jimmy Z: For those who think impeachment is a good idea
YouTube: Yaron Brook at Tea Party Patriots summit
YouTube: Ralph Nader and Jesse Jackson visit The College of New Jersey
American Thinker: Holder raises the threshold for black voter intimidation of whites
Fox News: Holder hits back on Black Panther incident
Big Journalism: Whites can't be victims of injustice; they haven't suffered enough
WSB-TV: Mosque makeovers with your tax dollars
Reuters: Florida judge refuses to halt new healthcare law
Fox News: Florida judge orders Obama administration to expedite healtcare appeal
World Net Daily: Rush Limbaugh: 'We have an increasingly lawless president'
Patriot Action Network: Liberal media gives black racism from White House a pass
Media Matters: Conservative media go ballistic over Holder's civil rights lesson
US News: Obama says race a key component in Tea Party protests
Wall Street Journal: Dollar's reign as world's main reserve currency is near an end
World Net Daily: Democrat congresswoman calls staffer 'motherf-er'
YouTube: Greta with Sheila Jackson Lee: 'You're not listening again!'
YouTube: Tracy Miller responds to Sheila Jackson Lee
VOA News: Obama, Calderon pledge deeper cooperation in drug war
YouTube: Charlie Brown's teacher

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