Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Planned Parenthood: 98% of services to pregnant women is surgical abortion, 27% of all US abortions
Same old story: Family members outraged that police shoot and kill armed, drunk, Hispanic kidnapper dead

GOP win: Gov. Brown calls off CA budget negotiations
Show No. 056-2011

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Opening • Taking the day off tomorrow • Activist judge in Wisconsin fights for union workers • Rant: Democrats have no intention of reducing debt  • Some thoughtless Patriot Action Network comments • Audio: Chuck Schumer caught on tape talking about the Tea Party • Audio: Fox News report on Schumer, Harry Reid and Republican responses • Rant: Let the Democrats shut down the governmentAbortion funding for Planned Parenthood • RINO Sen. Lisa Murkowski stands for abortion funding • Abortion by and large is for convenience • Planned Parenthood services to pregnant women result in 98% surgical abortion • Planned Parenthood upset by new Susan B. Anthony ads on TV and radio • Audio: TV and radio ads against Planned Parenthood • Harry Reid argues against agreement, threatens to shut down government • 'Cowboy Poetry Festival' funded with federal taxpayer funding • Audio: Chuck Schmur speaks out against the Tea Party in the Senate • Audio rewind: Schumer in January talks about the Three Branches of Government •

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Opening • Music: 'All The Liberal People', artist unknown • Audio: KCBS 2 news report: The shooting of an armed, drunk, Hispanic kidnapper • Audio: Grieving sister says it wasn't no kidnapping and he didn't shoot no one [sic] • Rant: I am not celebrating death, but I do celebrate enforcing justice • How Jimmy Z avoids being shot dead by the police • Audio: Governor Jerry Brown calls of bipartisan budget negotiations • Dissecting Brown's silly YouTube announcement • John and Ken on KFI in Los Angeles wield a lot of power in Sacramento • Current Events and Then Some: Debra JM Smith on Palin saying it's time for a woman president • Audio: Larry Elder interviews Donald Rumsfeld

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Chicago Sun Times: Wisconsin Republicans face new hurdle in union battle
YouTube: Charles Schumer caught on tape
YouTube: Fox News report: Schumer caught on tape blaming Tea Party for gov't shut down
Patrick Madrid: Sen. Lisa Murkowski supports government funding of Planned Parenthood
The News Messenger: Tell Congress members to stop supporting Planned Parenthood
Life News: New ad for Planned Parenthood features Abby Johnson
Heritage Foundation: Harry Reid chooses shutdown over responsibility
YouTube: Reid defends taxpayer funded 'Cowboy Poetry Festival'
YouTube: Shumer to Tea Party: Shut up!
YouTube: Sen. Schumer on the three branches of government
Wikipedia: Senator Chuck Schumer
KCBS 2 Los Angeles: Coroner identifies kidnapping suspect fatally shot by police
YouTube: Governor Brown halts budget negotiations in California
LA Times: Jerry Brown discusses budget talk breakdown in YouTube video
OC Weekly: John & Ken: Radio's 'flame fanning populists' frighten politician
LA Times: California budget: Brown ends talks on bipartisan budget deal
San Francisco Chronicle: GOP senators give Jerry Brown a list of demands
Debra JM Smith: Informing Christians: 'It's not about anything but qualifications'
Talk Radio 790 KABC: Larry Elder's page

1 comment:

Adam said...

Enjoyed your program Jim. You seem to be confused on a couple things you said however

First is in response to the court ruling in WI -
"So the democrats can't stop republicans from voting yes (in Wi) so they go after them in the courts"

My response is: The SAME thing happened when the dems passed the healthcare law -- couldn't defeat their vote so go after them in the courts.

What's good for the goose is good for the gander aye?

"Ok so , the thing about democrats here - is that the tea party must be squashed ..... "Even though the people in the tea party are voters
they are constiuents, they deserve to be heard"

So what about the DEM voters like me - the 69 million who won in 2008 voting on policies like health care - - The tea party agenda was to SQUASH liberal agenda irregardless that WE TOO are AMERICAN voters who DESERVE to be heard ...

Again - What's good for the goose is good for the gander don't ya think??? What goes around comes around.