Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I was right: Alex Jones benefits from Sheen drama
Constitutionally, Westboro has a right to protest

Charles Payne on oil, the dollar and our economy
Show No. 041-2011

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Opening • I want Donald Trump in the primary race • Trump the businessman vs. Trump the TV caricature • Audio: Donald Trump on Limbaugh: Telling it like it is • Where are the conservative Republicans on these issues? • Rahm and Ari Emanuel • Doing business with the Chinese • America is not respected by the world today • The Chinese have devalued their currency • South Korea • Obama & Five Star Dinners for the Chinese • What Trump would do if he were President • Lobbyists may be keeping the politicians quiet • The White House Ballroom offer • South Korea should pay for the US protection they have enjoyed • Callers to Limbaugh react to Donald Trump • The Charlie Sheen update • Audio: Charlie Sheen on ABC's 20/20 • Sheen looks awful • The Sheen meltdown is not funny •

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Opening • Current Events and Then Some with Debra JM Smith: Moral America being pushed into the proverbial closet • Alex Jones benefits from Charlie Sheen drama • The Jimmy Z Comment Line • Muslim clerics • The American Bar Association • Government or private sector business • On praying for America • Thanks for the 'End Times' show • Audio: Charles Payne on the green agenda, government employee unions • Caller to Payne: Oil, the American dollar and the economy • Federal spending chart • Reprise: Obama's support for infanticide in Illinois • Audio: Margie Phelps of Westboro, 'The mouth of God' • Rant: I have to agree with the Supreme Court Westboro Church ruling • Audio: YouTube commentary from people on  the US Supreme Court Westboro decision •

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John said...

I heard that Rush show and the Trump interview. The first caller is a moron! Did anyone notice Trump's words? "..if I were a Republican"...
Then what is he? Opportunist is my opinion..
I think we have much better choices.
I like the Rush show but he is losing credibility sucking up to the likes of Donald Chump!

Jz said...

Like I said on the show - Trump is talking smart about those two issues they talked about - oil and China. Why isn't any conservative Republican talking so honestly about these issues? That's what you need to ask yourself.

Adam said...

Trump is one of the very few republicans who would have a chance to defeat Obama. He has many liberal and moderate views and is not an ultra right wing fascist.

America will not elect a far right conservative. It just won't happen. I've been paying attention to polls and discussions for years. People who are SWING voters are more turned off by far rightists than they are far leftists.

Jz said...

And then there was Reagan. *s*

John said...

I remember something about "drill baby drill"...
As far as the China problem goes, why are we shopping at Wal-mart that sells primarily Chinese products? Nothing against Wal-mart, but is cheaper really always the answer?