Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Planned Parenthood, abortion and Black Genocide
Black abortion reaches grim, alarming levels

Hello? Al Sharpton? Jesse Jackson? Is this thing on?
Rewind: Obama voted for infanticide in Illinois 
Show No. 040-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Jimmy Z opening theme music by Nurmira, full song version • Charlie Sheen's long term meltdown and Alex Jones • Both men are 9/11 Truthers • Alex Jones defending Charlie Sheen's behavior • Alex Jones is using Sheen's meltdown to promote himself • Anti- abortion billboard called racist, sexist (continued from yesterday) • The abortion statistics are the point • Pro abortion woman refuses to face the fact: 36% of abortions are in the black community • Says she is 'sick and tired of men' • Talk about the billboard, not the issue • The black abortion statistic is dismissed because a man is reporting it • Obama approves first Gulf drilling permit since Gulf oil spill •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Music: 'America Rising' unplugged, Jimmy Z • Audio: Rod Parsley on Breakthrough: Planned Parenthood, Abortion and Black Genocide • Audio: Rush Limbaugh talks about abortion, Planned Parenthood and Black Genocide • New York City: 40% of all pregnancies are aborted; 60% of all black pregnancies are aborted • Shocking numbers, depressing, horrible • Reverends Jackson and Sharpton are silent about black genocide • Planned Parenthood on Black History Month • Two strikes: I'm white and male talking about abortion in the black community • Rant: Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are 'men of the cloth' who are allowing black genocide • This is just wicked • Audio: Planned Parenthood donation earmarked for aborting black babies • Revends Jackson and Sharpton remain silent • Barack Obama called 'the face of black genocide' in 2008 • History lesson: Barack Obama voted for infanticide in Illinois

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John said...

Hey Jimmy! The Hr 1 and Hr 2 files are linked backwards. I guess because you have a lot going on with family and so on.. Hope you enjoy the time together.
Sein freund in Deutschland, John

Jz said...

One little stray 'b' and that's all it takes. Wow. Thanks for that John!

AngieComics said...

Nurmira is great! Nothing ever worked out?!

John said...

So before I can run the second hour, you have it fixed! hehe...
Great stuff! I don't agree with all you talk about but I like to be intellectually challenged! (Not that I am already) Many of my friends have told me that I make them think. I also like that. Make me think! Thanks for that.
Charlie Sheen needs help. I like AJ but your right. He needs his help, not enabling!
God did use you today!

Jz said...

Thank you John, and if you don't agree, that means so much more to me when you listen. Much appreciated.