Friday, March 11, 2011


Analysis: Activists online who claim that Obama will call for martial law and stop the 2012 election
How the GOP beat the Democrats in Wisconsin

Outrageous email threat to kill Gov. Scott Walker
Show No. 048-2011

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Opening • Rant: The LEFT is all too ready to resort to violenceAnalysis: Those 'conservatives' online who push the idea that Obama will call for martial law and stop the 2012 election • Some say that the GOP and the democrats are the same • Conservative online calls for a citizens coup to force Obama from office • Someone said Obama did not know he was going to get shellacked • My theory: These people are either stupid, or they are leftists who have infiltrated conservative social network sites • On 'giving up freedom' • Conservatives like this are no help in fighting to right America • Some folks are frightened, panicked by this kind of writing • Public worker unions freak out in Wisconsin • Scott Walker's article in the Wall Street Journal • State Senate Majority Leader Fitzgerald's statement • Michael (Eat) Moore outraged, irrational on MSNBC •

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Opening • Michael (Eat) Moore continued • The illogical, irrational reasoning of Michael (Eat) Moore • Protesters storm Capitol building • Union goons attack college kids with camera phones • Outrageous email threat to kill Scott Walker and GOP Reps in Wisconsin • Liberal singer on Youtube sings 'Shame on You Scott Walker' • Audio: Liberal curses and swears through 'Good job Scott Walker' • Audio: More cursing and vulgarity from another liberal on YouTube • Great one liner on Facebook: Michael (Eat) Moore couldn't find his way out of a donut bag • Threatening, hateful Tweets regarding Scott Walker • Audio: Wisconsin Democrat talks about rushing back to Madison • Reports from all over the internet • Audio: Rush Limbaugh: The left is freaking out • Audio: Ed Schultz outraged, GOP is disgusting •

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Drudge Report 
Chandler's Watch: Union thugs: $7.5 million in damage to Wisconsin Capitol building
Human Events: Wisconsin goes nuclear
Wall Street Journal: Scott Walker: Why I'm fighting in Wisconsin
LA Times: Democrat leader of Wisconsin Senate says AWOL lawmakers will return
AP: Wisconsin Budget and Scott Walker
WQOW: Senate Majority Leader Fitzgerald state on Senate action
MSNBC Breaking News: Michael Moore with Rachel Maddow
YouTube: Protesters storm Capitol
YouTube: Union goons harass conservative kids at Ohio rally
WTMJ AM 620: Death threat email
YouTube: Rush reads a death threat to Scott Walker by an Obamanite
YouTube: Shame on you Scott Walker
YouTube: Scott Walker's legacy (adult language, vulgar)
YouTube: Scott Walker is a cancerous tumor on the anus of humanity (adult language, vulgar)
The Right Scoop: Death wishes and hate to Scott Walker on Twitter
Real Clear Politics: Runaway Wisconsin Democrat drove back as fast as he could
Big Hollywood: Call to Citizen Media: Michael Moore calls out the mobs
Big Government: Unions storm Madison, break windows, Capitol in chaos
YouTube: Update from Madison: Jesse Banks and Riley Moore
Rush Limbaugh: Liberals freak out over Wisconsin
YouTube: Ed Schultz: Actions of Wisconsin GOP 'disgusting'

2 comments: said...

For any who cared to notice yesterday was the day that any pretense of objectivity was shed from America's media.

Jared Lee Loughner,the deranged assailant and Huffington Post fanatic was arraigned in an Arizona courtroom. The sociopath grinned away as memories of the tormented calls for "civility" in political discourse reverberated. The memory the perfidious GOP seated together with the Democrats during Obama's State of the Nation rant was fresh.

This sordid tale was interrupted as images of berserk Wisconsin Public Employees Union members fill the screen in outrage. Hitler references and death threats abounded.

It was there for all to see- the media thinks it is perfectly legitimate for leftists to threaten GOP politicians and make slanderous remarks.

Anonymous said...

Loved your show today. I enjoy hearing more of your thoughts and opinions.

The "Right" Chick