Thursday, March 31, 2011


A Best Of show today, as I'm going to be at Camp Pendleton for a few hours. I wanted to review the outrageous stunt Andrew Breitbart pulled at CPAC this last January, throwing a party for the GOProud homosexual militants. Since then, CPAC has dumped GOProud from next year's CPAC convention, but the damage is done. Breitbart has been a very well respected conservative journalist for many years. I was appalled when I read about his big gay shindig in DC to welcome homosexuals into the conservative CPAC fold. Unacceptable. Mr. Breitbart still owes conservatives an explanation.

This show is from February 17, 2011, and I go into plenty of detail about that party, and some Wisconsin commentary during the big leftist hoedown there. Party on!

Click HERE to get the players, the show notes, everything you need.

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