Thursday, February 17, 2011


Chris Christie's straight talk in Washington DC
Republicans go after NPR, PBS and the NLRB

Breitbart's big gay GOProud party at CPAC
Show No. 033-2011

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Opening • Wisconsin upheaval over lack of money to pay their benefits and pensions • The free ride is over • Everyone has run out of money • Wisconsin Governor proposes an end to collective bargaining • These protesters are Obama's people • Madison schools closed, 1,100 teachers call in sick • Audio: Obama says Wisconsin is an assault on unions • Union employees are not heros • Rant: My year and a half working a government job • Audio: Rep. Paul Ryan on Madison protests • Republicans have the votes to pass the bill • Audio: Crying protesters in the State Capital • Audio: News report, teachers claim they are underpaid • Chris Christie's speech in Washington DC • Audio clips of Christie's speech • Raise the retirement age for Social Security • Christie worried about America, DC • Christie truly is Reaganesque • 'Our cause for greatness is to confront these issues' •

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Opening • Music: 'Lay Off Of My Show' • 'Don't Take My Pickshaw!' • More Christie: 'Lead America to another century and not settling for second best' • Audio: Christie on democrats in New Jersey closing down the government • Audio: Limbaugh on Obama calling oil the 'energy source of the past' • Republicans attempt to de-fund NPR and PBS • ICE agent killed in Mexico: Where is the President? • Lara Logan, CBS News, sexually assaulted in EgyptMore on Wisconsin • Democrats leave Wisconsin, refuse to vote because they'll lose • Interview with anonymous Wisconsin State Senator • Democrats want a compromise • Democrats stand up for union thugs • MORE ON CPAC • Rev. Ted Haggard favors homosexual marriage now • Pamela Gellar at CPAC on Muslim infiltration • Andrew Breitbart's big gay party at CPAC • Audio: Homosexual picks for GOP nomination • Haley Barbour is done: No chance he will get any nomination in 2012 •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
The Drudge Report
Wisconsin State Journal: Walker takes broad swipe at public employee unions
Business Insider: Wisconsin National Guard preps for worker unrest
Wisconsin State Journal: Madison schools, others closed amid call for demonstrations
Real Clear Politics: Obama on Wisconsin collective bargaining law
Real Clear Politics: Rep. Paul Ryan on Wisconsin protests
AP: Wisconsin Senate to vote on anti-union bill
Madison Journal Sentinel: Unions want to overturn election result
CNN: Wisconsin schools call off classes as budget protests continue
CNN: Christie to outline 'big things' in Washington speech
YouTube: Chris Christie talks About raising the Social Security retirement age
YouTube: Chris Christie: Go big or go home
YouTube: Gov. Chris Christie: 'I look at Washington, and I'm worried'
YouTube: Gov. Christie: 'America is teetering on the edge of disaster'
YouTube: Rush LImbaugh: Democrat threats to shut down New Jersey government
Rush Limbaugh: Chris Christie goes to Washington
Rush Limbaugh: Oil is the energy of the past?
ABC News: Budget debates begin, Republicans put NPR, PBS on the chopping block
Big Government: Rep. Tom Price introduces amendment to defund NLRB
KRGV 5: ICE agents attacked in Mexico
NY Daily News: 60 Minutes correspondent Lara Logan suffers sex assault in Egypt
Madison Journal Sentinel: Senate democrats boycott Thursday vote
WTMJ 620: Budget battle: GOP Senator says Dems have left the state
Dispatch: Collective bargaining protesters, supporters clash at Statehouse
One News Now: 'Gay conservative' is an oxymoron
On Top Magazine: Rev. Ted Haggard favors gay marriage
Atlas Shrugs: Pamela Geller vs. CPAC
Judicial Watch: Islamic rights promoted at CPAC
YouTube: Pam Geller: CPAC infiltrated by 'Muslim Brotherhood' activist
Pajamas Media: Roger L. Simon: GOProud party Breitbart's proudest hour
Media Bistro:Breitbart's big gay CPAC party
Metro Weekly: Special GOProud edition: Presidential Picks
Cafe Mom: GOProud at CPAC: Deep thoughts on stereotyping
The Politico: Haley Barbour in KKK license plate uproar

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