Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Obamacare ruled unconstitutional: Now what?
Commentary, analysis and responses from all over

Dick Morris declares Obamacare is D.O.A.
Show No. 022-2011

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Opening • OBAMACARE IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL • (Tell us something we didn't know) • Audio: Greta Van Susteren interviews Florida Atty General Pam Bondi • Audio: ABC News report • Audio: PBS News Hour report • Half a teaspoon of salt a day? • Audio: Megyn Kelly on Fox News reads the news report as it is released • Audio: Member of NFIB comments on the Obamacare ruling • Audio: The big news of the day upsets this fellow: Why am I still in America? • Rant: Children with pre-existing conditions does not mean the government mandates we purchase insurance • Audio: Candidate Obama against insurance mandates (2008) • Music: 'He Lies', Jimmy Z (at this appropriate time) • Audio sound bytes: Rush Limbaugh • Obama following in the footsteps of Jimmy Carter • How Bernanke's QE2 plays into upheaval in the Middle East • Amazing: Obama did not support the Iranian revolt but supports the Muslim Brotherhood • Audio: RealMan 1 Trillion: Forcing people to buy car insurance vs. health insurance • Audio: Ann Coulter disappointed: She just got her waiver • 40% of those benefiting from waivers are union workers! • Rant: Obamacare is great! We want a waiver! •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • The Jimmy Z Comment Line: Call 714-905-9591 • Police chases: Shoot out the tires • Ray on Palin using 'WTF' • MTV's 'Skins' television program • Robert disagrees with Jimmy Z on 'WTF' • Obama and Egypt • Audio: Michael Savage on Obama's announcement regarding Egypt last Friday • Great question: What would it take to push the United States into upheaval like Egypt is going through? • Audio: Protesters in Cairo upset with Israel • Audio: News report: Hosni Mubarak will not run for re-election • Obama urged Mubarak to step down at the next election • Audio: Lawrence O'Donnell talks about Obamacare ruling and the coming Supreme Court battle • Insurance mandate is not severable • Audio: Bill O'Reilly asks, why didn't Obama know the law would be found unconstitutional? • Audio: The justice system, 'a beautiful thing' • Audio: 'Dear Citizen' on Youtube outlines the Supreme Court possibilities • Dick Morris: Obamacare D.O.A. • Obama's economic shenanigans • Harry Reid lies in an outrageous press release • Judge compares Obamacare to reason for American Revolution • Audio: Comment from Allen West • Audio: Are you kidding me? How can they require people to buy car insurance? • Audio: Obamacare will probably lose in the US Supreme Court •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Key victory for states against Obamacare
YouTube: Obama's health overhaul unconstitutional
YouTube: Health care supreme court case to come?
Wikipedia: Judge Roger Vinson, Federal Judge
YouTube: Florida judge rules health reform law unconstitutional
YouTube: Florida Judge rules individual mandate is unconstitutional
YouTube: Obama on insurance mandate (2008)
YouTube: Obama opposed to insurance mandates during campaign (2008)
The Jimmy Z Show: 'He Lies', mp3 download
Rush Limbaugh: Regime of Pharaoh Obama repeats mistakes of Jimmy Carter
Rush Limbaugh: Economics of the Egypt uprising
Rush Limbaugh: Obama didn't back Iran revolt, supports Muslim Brotherhood
Rush Limbaugh: What did Obama's apologies in Cairo buy for us?
YouTube: Judge strikes down healthcare reform law as unconstitutional
YouTube: Ann Coulter: I'm torn on Obamacare ruling - I just got my waiver
Forbes: Waivers for favors: 40% of those benefiting from waivers are union workers
YouTube: Michael Savage explodes on Egypt riots
YouTube: Egyptian protesters promise to destroy Israel
NY 1: Egyptian President will not seek re-election
The Politico: Obama urges Mubarak not to run for re-election
YouTube: Obamacare overturned by Judge Vinson of Florida
YouTube: Lawrence O'Donnell: Healthcare law declared unconstitutional
YouTube: Bill O'Reilly discusses the Florida Federal Judge ruling
YouTube: Obamacare ruled unconstitutional!
Dick Morris: Obamacare: D.O.A.
Heritage Foundation: Another victory on the road to repeal
Gretawire: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid statement on Judge's ruling
World Net Daily: Judge compares Obamacare to reason for revolution
YouTube: Allen West holds 2nd Town Hall, comments on Judge's ruling
YouTube: Healthcare: Are you kidding me
YouTube: 2nd judge rules Obamacare unconstitutional

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