Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood wants war with Israel
GOP goes after EPA regulations overreach

Charlie Sheen's story is terrible for a lot of reasons
Show No. 023-2011

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Opening • Cool promo from Talk Superstation dot com • Audio: Continuing the John Boehner interview last Sunday on Fox News • Spending cuts • Time to get serious and listen to the American people • Will the government shut down? • On increasing the debt limit • How much money is $3.1 trillion? • Short term cuts may cost jobs • On proposing entitlement reform • Only six to eight months before the next election season • Rant: Charlie Sheen: Ungodly amounts of money, bricks of cocaine, gallons of booze, porn stars and prostitutes and finally partying to death • Sheen has become the TV character, only worse • Nothing cool about debauchery • Television is normalizing porn and porn performers • Audio: John Boehner interview on Fox News Sunday continued • Congressional security at public appearances, town halls • Why do you cry? • Why do you smoke? • Rant: Smoking is legal • Anti-smoking commercial on television in CA • Pro smoking commercial I'd like to make • GOP targets EPA overreach

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Opening • Music: 'What Do You Know?', Jimmy Z • 'Prayer for America', Michael Youssef • Commentary: Debra JM Smith on the World Net Daily Asteroid articleReality Check with Michael Stollaire:Porkulus II (December 2010) • Drudge headline: Fed shuts down sports websites • EGYPT • Violence breaking out • Prepare Egyptians for war with Israel • Audio: News report on the Israel border with Egypt • Audio: Clip from Obama's speech yesterday on Israel • Rant: Muslims in the Middle East know who Obama supports • Audio: Bill Handel's interview with a reporter in Middle East • Audio: GOP Rep. Paul Ryan exposes the truth about the economics of ObamacareAudio: Rush Limbaugh: 'We have an increasingly lawless president'

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Speaker Boehner talks about spending, creating jobs on Fox News Sunday
TMZ: Charlie Sheen's bender
The New American: Republicans introduce legislation targeting  EPA overreach
Informing Christians website: Debra JM Smith
WND: Easter Sunday asteroid on path toward Earth
The Michael Stollaire Website
The Politico: Feds seize sports websites before Superbowl
ABC News: Egyptian protesters fear chaos if Hosni Mubarak steps down
Jerusalem Post: Muslim Brotherhood: 'Prepare Egyptians for war with Israel'
Jerusalem Post: 'We know that Netanyahu cannot sleep now'
YouTube: Egypt revolution: Israel raise security concerns
YouTube: Obama speaks on Egypt, 1-2-11
KFI AM 640: On Demand: Bill Handel Show
YouTube: GOP Rep Paul Ryan tears down the Obamacare fiscal house of cards
World Net Daily: Rush Limbaugh: 'We have an increasingly lawless president'


Anonymous said...

Using a south park (rip off) cartoon to represent yourself I see .. How hypocritical can you get when just the other day you were bashing Palin for using "WTF" - claiming it was vulgar. Yet you have no problem using a southpark style avatar when that's one of the raunchiest (or vulgar) cartoons ever.

Jz said...

While vulgar at times, South Park is often spot on (NAMBLA, Mormonism), so while I don't recommend it for everyone, and I certainly wouldn't recommend that Sarah Palin quote from it if she wants to run for office, I do enjoy some of their episodes.

No hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

No hypocrisy? Really?

You were just preaching on your show the other day how wrong it is for entertainers/public people to make vulgarity mainstream. Isn't that a bit of a double standard you have here?

My #1 gripe with conservatives are their "do as I say, not as I do" attitude and their lack of intellectual honesty.

Jz said...

Please take your petty gripes elsewhere. Keep your comments on the issues.

Anonymous said...

You are the one who made it an issue. I'm just pointing out how you contradict yourself.

If you were seriously against anything that makes vulgarity mainstream then you wouldn't support Southpark ...

I've seen a few episodes myself and found it to be quite funny but grew rather boorish to me -- In a way I wish cartoons were innocent like they were in the 30s, 40s -- Having a young child now I worry about the bad influences in popular media she'll be exposed to like that.

Jz said...

Dude: You're talking about a cartoon picture graphic. LMFAO!