Friday, February 11, 2011


Jimmy Z dismantles a communist's comments
Public schools, school lunches and your liberty

Sarkozy speaks out against multiculturalism
Show No. 030-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Dismantling leftist comments on the show page from 'Anonymous' • Communism and left wing warfare endorsed • He wants to put an end to our type in America • Funny how these communists never want to go live in a communist country • The Obama Superbowl menu • Michelle Obama and school lunches • Rant: If you don't like federal school lunches, feed your own kids • EGYPT UPDATE & COMMENTARY • Mubarak steps down • Prediction: Obama will take some credit for the peaceful Egyptian revolution • Americans concern over unemployment worst in 28 years • Republican setbacks in the House • Republicans fail to pass bill to reclaim tax money overpaid to the UN

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Commentary: Current Events and Then Some: Debra JM Smith on Rep. Christopher Lee • Washington Post commentary: Obama's Egypt opportunity • Audio: President Obama comments on Egyptian overthrow of Mubarak • New law proposed in Texas for dog insurance • Patriot Action Network comments: Angry readers respond • Rant: Dog owners must be forced to be responsible • Audio: Oprah Winfrey didn't pay attention to Obama's presidency • Audio: Oprah says Obama doesn't get any respect • Audio: Mitt Romney, (bad) stand up comic • Audio: Texas Governor Rick Perry speaks about states' rights & the oppressive federal government • National Anthem: Charise • France battles back against the Muslim takeover • President Nicholas Sarkozy speaks out against multiculturalism

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
The Jimmy Z Wednesday Show: 9 February 2011
Facebook: Thread regarding Michelle Obama and school lunches
Fox News: Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak steps down
Fox News: Massive demostrations as Mubarak heads out of Cairo
Reuters: Live blog: Unrest in Egypt
LA Times: Americans unemployment concerns worst in 28 years
Fox News: House Republicans try to regroup after string of setbacks
FCNL: House votes down cuts to UN funding!
The Hill: House fails again on suspension vote, this time on UN funding
Washington Post: Post Partisan: Obama's Egypt opportunity
YouTube: President Obama: A new generation has emerged
Radio WOAI: New law proposed for mandatory dog insurance
YouTube: Piers tries to get Oprah to criticize President Obama
The Politico: Oprah wants respect for Obama
YouTube: CNN: Mitt Romney speaking at CPAC
Press TV: Sarkozy condemns multiculturalism
AFP: Multiculturalism has failed, says French President


Anonymous said...

Not against all republicans by the way -- I wouldn't mind if Donald Trump happened to win the election. He's way more intelligent than G.W. and could be very good for the country if he runs it like a business.

Heck, I thought Ross Perot would have been good for the country.

Anonymous said...

So you support Rush and Ann coulter saying these things and you say you conservatives will win if it comes to a shooting war.. Well guess what you piece of shit: You won't know who to shoot at -- we'll get you when you least expect it.

Jz said...

I never said that - You are focused on a shooting war. Meanwhile, we're moving to take back the nation with our votes.

Anonymous said...

Anonymess, your ilk would be easy to spot. We'd just look for the people with the yellow stripe going down their back.