Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Michael Stollaire & Reality Check: 'Focus'
Rep Peter King stands against political correctness

Keith Olbermann winds up with 23,000 viewers
Show No. 028-2011

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Opening • The Obama Lies list of fibs and misstatements at • Music: 'He Lies', Jimmy Z (Now available on YouTube in a video version) • Obama's campaign lies • Americans will have 5 days to review laws when they hit Obama's desk • Never worked for ACORN • The Jeremiah Wright church is just like any other church • Obama lies during his first year in office • The First Lie Obama Told as President • Health care debates will be covered on CSPAN • Obama lies during his second year in office • The Obamacare fee is not a new tax • Obamacare will pay for itself • Join me on Facebook • Scientology stories to come • Al Sharpton's enormous tax lien • Arianna Huffington sells the Huffington post to AOL for $315 million • The Jimmy Z Show is for sale • Audio: Interview with Lisa Douglas and AOL executive • Keith Olbermann ends up with a show for 23,000 Al Gore viewers • Audio: Limbaugh says Fox News ought to ignore Current TV • Obama budget pie chart: Spending cut sliver cannot be seen • Reality Check with Michael Stollaire: Focus • Consider supporting The Jimmy Z Show •

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Opening • Music: 'Mmm Mmm Mmm (Barack Hussein Obama)', Jimmy Z • Rep. Peter King stands up to criticism over his coming Islamic Terrorism hearings in DC • Audio: CAIR disputes planned terrorism hearings • Audio: Peter King, April 2009: Janet Napolitano refuses to use the word 'terrorist' in terms of radical Islam • Audio: Peter King interviewed by Megyn Kelly • There will be no political correctness in his hearings • Rant: McCarthy hearings used as criticism against Peter King's hearings • Audio: Peter King joins Brigitte Gabrielle on The ACT For America Show • The role of Congress concerning the threat to America from radical Islam • Rant: Political Correctness is cowardice • The Jimmy Z Comment Line •  Robert on mandating health care insurance • 5th grader in a talent show performs Jesus song • Comments on the Hannity interview of a radical Muslim cleric • Ray on abortion and choice •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: 'He Lies', Jimmy Z (Music video)
Obama Lies Website
YouTube: Obama swears in
The Jimmy Z Show: Obama Egypt cartoon
NY Post: Rev. Al Sharpton hit with new tax lien
Washington Post: Arianna Huffington's ideological transformation
San Francisco Chronicle: Olbermann gets prime time slot on Gore's network
YouTube: Limbaugh's advice to Fox News on Olbermann to Current TV: Ignore it
Director Blue: Obama's 'tough budget cuts' in pictures
The Hill: Budget director previews cuts in Obama's 2012 plan
Fox News: CAIR disputes planned terror hearings
YouTube: Rep. Peter King: DHS should be targeting mosques, not veterans (Apr 2009)
YouTube: Peter King on Fox News: Standing firm on radicalization hearings
YouTube: The ACT For America Show: Peter King


Anonymous said...

Do you think muslims shouldn't be allowed to live here or establish mosques in buildings they own?

Jz said...

No, I think Muslims should not be allowed to preach hatred for America, and Jihad against America.

Anonymous said...

That's not what I was asking. Do you think their religion should be outlawed in America?

I will just say, if your type tries to push America in that direction then I promise you we will put an END to your type in America. Oh and you don't think the American military will fire upon fellow Americans? Well if you try to ban a religion then you will no longer be considered American by us. Oh -- By the way, go look this fact up: People in the military donated more money to Obama campaign than they did Mccain campaign. This whole myth (or outright LIE) that you cockroaches propogate about the military being on your side is an absolute fabrication.

You want civil war: go ahead and push us in the direction Pam Geller wants us to go.

Anonymous said...

You want war, BRING IT BUDDY. We have millions on our side who are about sick and tired of you evil conservatives and are ready to get this party started......

To HELL with America and the American conservative and TO HELL with you.

Anonymous said...

By the way: I'm not even a Muslim but I'm thinking about converting because it pisses you cockroaches off so much.

Jz said...

I still stand by what I said in my answer. The fact is that Islam's status as a "religion" is in question - Look up Italy and Islam and read about how they're handling this there. Islam the machine being used to overthrow our way of life here in America WILL BE stopped.

Do some research and come back.

Jz said...

"You want war, BRING IT BUDDY. We have millions on our side..."

Let's keep this on specific issues. What are you talking about?

Jz said...

"I'm not even a Muslim but I'm thinking about converting because it pisses you cockroaches off so much."

That pretty much sums up most of the left's motivation. It's not about right and wrong for your type. It's not about convictions and principles. It's not about a passion for what you all believe in.

It's about pissing off the other side - about pushing buttons and making people mad. Well, now you've done that, and the American conservative right has had enough. We've begun to stand up and pay attention, and we've even begun to use some of your nasty tactics against you.

I know that's frustrating, and I know it makes YOU mad, but we're motivated by principle and conviction. We're motivated to fight that which is wrong, in the name of what is right, good and just. And we have a passion to defend what we believe in.

You're going DOWN. :-)

Anonymous said...

Bring the fight to us then. Stop talking about it.. Lets see an uprising.

You want revolution - BRING IT .. just shut up and BRING IT.

Got news for you though - this time around you won't know who your enemy is -- we won't wear our neat little blue uniforms and stand in line for you to destroy. We will hit you back when you least expect it.

Anonymous said...

"You're going DOWN. :-)"

You going to outlaw my communist political outlook in America? Death to the politician who tries to outlaw any political ideology.

We won't stand idly by and allow ourselves to be harassed like Mccarthy did our forebears. This time we will be BRUTAL in response if you try.

Jz said...

"Bring the fight to us then. Stop talking about it.. Lets see an uprising."

It's happening now, already. And you can't stop it. It's been happening in the town halls and at the Tea Party rallies. It happened on November 2, 2010. The ballot is our weapon, and our votes are our ammunition. The momentum is ours - and we're now on offense.

Enjoy it - History is being made.

Jz said...

"You going to outlaw my communist political outlook in America?"

We don't have to. By definition, the Constitution protects us us from your illegal political philosophy.

If you don't like the Constitution, leave. If you love communism, leave. Go to Cuba. Go to China. Go to North Korea. The United States will not accept your form of government, so go on, leave, and enjoy one of the existing communist wonderland utopias that the world has to offer. But you can't have OUR country. *s*

Anonymous said...

Even Michael Savage admitted that you might not have the momentum to defeat Obama in 2012 ...

By the way: It's YOU your YOUR ILK who pick and choose parts of the constitution they agree with and disregard the rest.

Freedom of religion (Only when it's not islam)

Full faith and credit clause (= out the window because it dares to make the claim that Obama's COLB is JUST AS OFFICIAL and RELEVANT as the so called "LONG FORM BC"

-- I could name so many other areas where you HYPOCRITE EVIL conservatives disregard the constitution.

By the way, regardless of your ignorant myth - MOST LIBERALS are NOT PACIFISTS and AGAINST GUNS -- we love our 2nd amendment just as much and are looking forward to taking advantage of it when you try to deport us for being communists.

Anonymous said...

When you conservatives are in the majority -- you LOVE democracy --- When you are in the minority - you hate it and pretend to be under an oppressive regime. (Even though non of your anti American blogs are getting censored and none of your conservative brethren are getting arrested for calling for armed uprising (Like they do on, dr. kates, etc)

Jz said...

"Even Michael Savage admitted that you might not have the momentum to defeat Obama in 2012..."

There's a lot of time between now and then, and if you listen to my show with any consistency, you'd hear me saying something similar. Obama will not be easy to defeat - but he's making plenty of mistakes we can use against him. The best route for us is to take the majority in the Senate, and with the House majority, we can shut down 99% of Obama's agenda.

But, with the right combination for President and VP, we can defeat him as well.

As to the Constitution, if anyone is cherry picking parts they like and don't like, that would be the left. I'm not interested in pieces and bit - I like it all.

As to Islam, I told you to read up on how Italy is handling Islam. If people want to follow their religion, that's fine, but we will not tolerate any anti-American, hateful rhetoric, and calls for radical Islam to commit terrorist acts here in America are acts of war. It is illegal, and people will be arrested. Pay attention to Peter King's hearings in DC.

Obama is the one hiding his documents - not the other way around.

Liberals - and we're talking about the leftist, socialist anti-Constitutional crowd here - are cowards and don't know very much about using guns. If it came down to that (and I don't think it will nor do I believe it should, as you do), my money is on the conservative gun club crowd. My guess is that Ted Nugent himself alone could lead a solid defense of this nation against a disorganized mob of drooling leftwingers such as yourself.

You want a gun fight so much? I recommend that you stand down.

Jz said...

"When you conservatives are in the majority you love democracy..."

Um, what does this have to do with a Republic such as ours?

Anonymous said...

"Um, what does this have to do with a Republic such as ours?"

This isn't a republic any more ... There are too many people like yourself who don't deserve representation.

This country really shouldn't exist --it has too much evil, corruption and blood on it's hands. I don't agree with islamic terrorists methods though, it's too indiscriminate. Too many good liberals/communists died on 9/11 .

Jz said...

Piece by piece, dismantled on the show. Thanks for the fodder.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Z: "Look what italy's doing - look what italy's doing"

Jeez man, yeah, we should handle things here like Italy does. After all, they have such a history of JUST and RIGHTEOUS movements. (Mussolini, Mafia, etc) ...

You are like those idiots who say we shouldn't let mosque's be built here since they don't let christian build churches in Saudi Arabia -- Yeah, we shouldn't have higher standards of freedom then these countries.

You conservatives don't have any idea what America is all about. You pretend to be patriotic but you spit on the freedoms you pretend to support.

Jz said...

Once again, my anonymous friend - it's not about religion in Italy. Get to reading before you embarrass yourself further.

Anonymous said...

Of course you won't post this last message of mine or any of the other messages you censored last week. Dishonesty IS also your forte.

Some of my "rage" I displayed was manufactured -- (an act) .. But the fact that you think you and your conservative contemporaries dishonest ways are somehow GOOD FOR AMERICA does anger me to some extent.
I do find your dishonesty/spin quite disgusting.

Jz said...

FYI: The only comments that you sent which I did not post were either redundant, vulgar, or promoted philosophies that I will not provide links to on this website. I'm not the least bit dishonest about that. This is my little corner of the internet. I can edit as I see fit.

And yes, our Constitutional view of America is good for America. Your attack on our Constitution is bad for America, by definition. So why don't you go enjoy one of the communist countries I listed? Why are you waiting?

Anonymous said...

You say the messages you censored were "promoted philosophies" that you won't link too - Funny, when I was pretending to be a communist you surely linked to that , anything to spin your propaganda against democrats --yet the only messages of mine you don't link to are where I was being reasonable and making good points.

You really are a terrible person and very dishonest.

Keep up your propaganda machine -- you have delusions of grandeur if you think you have any relevancy -- You can tell by the lack of participation that you have a VERY small listenership .

Jz said...

Growing all the time - And the five internet radio site syndicants (my word) are bringing more and more people to listen all the time. Fact is, most people never write comments, but they're listening. The demands from the website host for increased fees testify to that.

I was talking about links you included in your message - I won't post those - and if you use foul language, I'm not posting that crap. As to you "pretending"? Nice capitulation there pally.