Thursday, February 24, 2011


Gov. of Wisconsin may lay off and fire state workers
Unions in America push socialism, communism

Hey Obama! Yo' wife so fat! jokes
Show No. 038-2011

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Opening • Update on chrome car wheels • Bunch of stuff free at the Lexus dealer • Terrorist suspect arrested in Texas • Obama, terrorism, oil prices and upheaval in the Middle East • Republicans zero in on Net Neutrality • The President and his administrative directors • Audio: Gaddafi on colors unifying against the west • Islam is the intolerant religion • American Bar Association article: Christianity and the justice system • Wait, I got that wrong • Time for the 'Yo wife so fat!' jokes • Words of praise for Obama from Gaddafi (April 2010) •

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Opening • Music: 'Hey, What Do You Know', Jimmy Z • 'Close To Me', Jimmy Z song parody • Current Events & Then Some: Debra JM Smith: American Bar recognizes Shariah law • Audio: Governor Walker in Wisconsin prepared to lay off or fire truant state workers • Tennessee may throw followers of Shariah Law in jail • Audio: Obama in 2008: Chanting for SEIU, promises to paint the country purple • Rant: Unions are pushing socialism and communism • Fire Fighters base pensions on pay plus 'scheduled overtime' in CA • Audio: KFI's Bill Carroll interview regarding CA union pension reform • Bernanke tells congress that we're closer to total destruction than we think (thanks to him!) • Labor union operative attacks Tea Party rally speaker system in Madison, Wisconsin •

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Adam said...

Hate to break it to you, but the first lady is not fat. I've seen fat. I just take a glance at the trailer park trash fat asses I see at the Tea Party events and you see years and years of McDonalds and no Exercise on display. Michelle works out several times a week - She partakes in a balanced diet and allows herself to eat whatever she wants every once in a while -- She can because she is very fit. The reason she doesn't BREAK or STOP her diet is because she rewards her self routinely for her hard work. Also she has a nice round behind - it's the trait of being a BLACK woman. You can tell how physically fit she is by how TONE and MUSCULAR her arms are, for one example. To say she's unhealthy or fat is just showing how BLIND and utterly desperate you conservatives have become. Not only that , it really shows your true colors. (Petty, ignorant and cruel)

I remember Bush's years -- Most liberals liked Laura and kept her OFF limits to attack. Don't tell me I'm wrong about this, I read blogs MUCH more than you and remember exactly the type of response the rare person got who picked on Laura.

Adam said...

By the way, what I say is 100% God's honest truth.. I know a healthy fit Woman when I see one. I go to the gym all the time myself.

Furthermore, ALL of the top fitness books/plans today (Such as Body For Life) actually make EATING WHAT YOU WANT once a week PART of the plan. It's what makes these diets successful. Diets that are too strict to allow you to splurge DO NOT WORK with most people.

All the beautiful first lady is calling for is HEALTHIER kids in a country that has an obesity epidemic. For conservatives find such fault in that is an utterly petty and disgusting thing.

Anonymous said...

I've been seeing this same type of violent rhetoric aimed towards *MY* president and democratic voters like ME for 2 FRICKEN YEARS now. When Gabby Giffords was shot you had the EFFING gall to criticize my side for jumping to conclusions about your sides rhetoric being somewhat to blame for this type of stuff??

Yes. It's YOUR SIDE. Communism may be a symptom of extremism on the left but Fascism is the symptom of the same on the right. I'm beginning to believe the majority of your side are FASCIST PIGS.

Anonymous said...

Not sure why you are censoring. Perhaps because I called the tea party a bunch of "fat asses" .. Ok, that may be raw and PROFANE but it is most definitely TRUE. I would be glad to send you links to pictures of the WI protestors and other democratic protestors and also pictures of tea party events. You can easily see the average weight of people in the tea party is MUCH larger and unhealthier.

If we ever had a civil war your unhealthy side wouldn't last. All the liberals would have to do is close down your Mickey D's and you guys would drop like flies from cholesterol withdrawl.

Adam said...

That is the type of rhetoric from *****YOUR****** side.

******OWN IT******

Adam said...

More evil violent rhetoric from your side at good ole resistnet:

"If ever at anytime or place in the history of mankind,there needed to be a WAR

this is the time and place!

Just as earth is to the solar system,the US is to this planet.
“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.”
Dr. Seuss

remember : if it's PURPLE shoot it! Semper Fi keep your powder dry!"

So Jimmy, I'm sure you still believe the left is the violent side. Can you show me many(or any) comments from leftists that say "If it's a tea partier, shoot em"

Adam said...

Lawrence Britt has examined the fascist regimes of Hitler (Germany), Mussolini (Italy), Franco (Spain), Suharto (Indonesia) and several Latin American regimes. Britt found 14 defining characteristics common to each:

... Jimmy, can you not see the parallels between these characteristics and the type of ultra-nationalist patriot movement extremists going on today?? Seriously bro , pay attention! This is what will kill America. Not some "scary" health care bill with made up "death panels" .....

I come from a line of people who served this country - Both of my grand fathers served in WW2 -- They were better "patriots" than 99% of people on resistnet. They did not come home and go extremist "patriotic" wrapping themselves up in this stuff anything like these people are doing today. They saw up close what radical nationalism lead to.

Adam said...

Tell me how you think I'm wrong with what I'm about to point out:

I have this conception of the average conservative as being uneducated and ignorant. With so many rambling and unintelligible posts like this from your fellow conservatives, do you really blame me for holding this stereotype?

How come so many "patriots" have such little grasp and respect of the English language?

I challenge you to browse liberal blogs and find the same type of illiteracy. I have a feeling you'll fail at such a task. Liberals are generally more educated and have higher IQs.

Jz said...

Adam, please contact me via direct email. I appreciate this information and I want to discuss this privately as well. Thanks. I might try to send you an email address if gmail has 'remembered' your email.


Jz said...

Like those high IQ Teamsters. lol

Jz said...

Like those fat ass Teamsters? lol

Jz said...

You mean like all the Twitter threats and death wishes written by leftwingers?