Tuesday, February 22, 2011


To be explained tomorrow - all is well.

In the meantime, click HERE to enjoy the CPAC show from last week!


Adam said...

Here's a topic for your show Jimmy --


Tennessee senators are introducing a bill that would make it a FELONY for anyone caught practicing sharia law.

There are many aspects of Sharia Law that do not contradict our secular laws here. (The Islam Practice of Feet Washing, for instance, is part of Sharia Law) -- Should we put these people in prison for 15 years for practicing the parts that DO NOT violate our laws? This banning of religions is a slippery slope I hope you're not willing to take America down.

Adam said...

No religious law trumps our secular laws. For instance, people may worship the devil in this country (pity those who do but that's part of living in a free country) - But they obviously may not partake in human sacrifice.

Tell me this Jimmy, if this law passes - What's going to stop someone in America for banning practice of Christianity because it says in the bible "those who work on Sunday shall surely be put to death" ... Again - Slippery slope I do hope you're too intelligent to support us going down.

Jz said...

More on the show - but for now, there are plenty of ways to prevent Sharia law from eclipsing the Constitution or America's legal system without going to this extreme.