Monday, February 14, 2011


Ann Coulter on GOProud: She's friends with 'The Gays'
Sarah Palin, Sharron Angle are ok with GOProud

GOProud gone for 2012, but problems remain
Show No. 031-2011

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Opening • CPAC • Overview: Andrew Breitbart and Ann Coulter • Shocking philosophies at CPAC • Music: 'The Old CPAC' (The Old Grey Mare song parody), Jimmy Z • CPAC courting homosexuals into the conservative movement • Rant: I don't have homosexual friends • All conservatism goes together: Fiscal, political and social • Reagan's view of conservatism • Americans for Truth article • Conservative family organizations leave CPAC • Problems in America are not fiscal, they are God problems • Audio: Points made by Ann Coulter • Liberals support democracy in the Middle East • Q&A with Ann Coulter • Why no conservatism DC? • Audio: Ann Coulter on GOProud, a friend of The Gays • Rant: Homosexuals are part of the attack on the America Family • 'Gays are natural conservatives' -Ann Coulter • Red State's Erick Erickson: GOProud's agenda • Rant: Proclaiming homosexuality is wrong makes one a bigot •

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Opening • More from Red State • Metro Weekly article from a homosexual perspective • Erick Erickson in defense of Cleta Mitchell • Erickson: GOProud is not conservative • US News and World Report says conservatives who boycotted CPAC made a strategic mistake • Rant: Should we have Planned Parenthood at CPAC too? • CPAC is not the place for debates with the enemy • Audio: Sarah Palin doesn't have a problem with GOProud at CPAC • Audio: Sharron Angle on weak on abortion, inclusive with homosexuals at CPAC • Why GOProud didn't belong at CPAC • Faux marriage support affects our culture negatively • Mass Resistance article • The Washington Times full page ad • DeMint, Huckabee and Hannity stayed away from CPAC • Debra JM Smith, Current Events and Then Some: The homosexual invasion of the conservative movement • UPDATE: GOProud is out next year • Much more tomorrow, including Breitbart's GOProud homosexual party at CPAC

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
CPAC - The American Conservative Union
Americans for Truth: Ad charges CPAC betrays conservative principles and threatens unity
Flap's Blog: Big conservative organizations leaving CPAC
Watchman's Corner: Right leaning doesn't mean right standing
YouTube: Ann Coulter speech at CPAC 2011
YouTube: Ann Coulter Q&A at CPAC 2011
Red State: This is too much for me
Metro Weekly: Guess who's coming to CPAC?
US News & World Report: Why conservatives who skipped CPAC erred
Daily Caller: Does Sarah Palin support GOProud?
Huffington Post: Sharron Angle backs GOProud presence at CPAC
The New American: Why GOProud didn't belong at CPAC
Mass Resistance: Boycott against CPAC over homosexual issue
Informing Christians: Debra JM Smith: The homosexual invasion of the conservative movement
Huffington Post: CPAC Organizer suggests he may cut ties with GOProud
World Net Daily: GOProud out at annual summit of conservatives


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