Thursday, February 3, 2011


Jesus song wins, LA school district backs down
Bush daughter supports homosexual marriage

Egypt's concern: Obama is a Manchurian President
Show No. 024-2011

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Opening • Republicans force Obamacare vote in the Senate • Mitch McConnell uses a special procedure • Audio: CBS News report on Obamacare decision • White House response to Obamacare decision • The Democrats rebuttal on Obamacare: It's not in there • Audio: CBS News report: W's daughter comes out in favor of homosexual marriage • Audio: Laura Bush on Larry King in favor of homosexual marriage and pro choice to boot • Audio: YouTube woman comments on Barbara Bush • Rant: This is about what God says • Audio: Talk host Allen Hunt on Bush daughter • Allen Hunt's show is supposed to be about 'right and wrong' • Rant: Joy Behar with that voice and that look has both a national radio show and a TV talk show • Nastiness and insults from Behar's guests • Analyzing the hate coming from the Behar show • Audio: John Boehner on security for Congressional representatives • Commentary: Debra JM Smith: The safety of all, not just some, at town hall meetingsEGYPT • Chris Floyd blames Obama for supporting Mubarak • Audio: News report on Egypt: Who are the Mubarak supporters? • Egypt concerned that Obama is a Manchurian President • Big Government article from October 2010: Barbara Boxer approved Code Pink trip to Falluja to donate money to terrorists • Audio: Debate on Beck TV show over Obama support for Israel •

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Opening • Al Gore says global warming is responsible for all the snow • Los Angeles Unified School District backs down in the face of a lawsuit • The Jesus song will be allowed in a talent show • Audio: KCBS 2 in LA reports on school talent show • Rant: No one should be offended, but anyone can offend Christians • Governor Jerry Brown's shenanigans: A 'vote by mail only' election for tax increases • Republicans consider allowing special elections if tax decrease is also on the ballot • Obama snubs Darrel Issa on important DHS documents request • Rant: What if this were a Republican President? • Audio: Sean Hannity grills Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary • Choudary defends, spins Sharia Law • Audio: Anderson Cooper punched and kicked in Egypt • 'Hey! Calm down!' • Obama's words inciting violence in Egypt • Audio: Obama on Ellen Degeneres in February 2008, speaking against insurance mandates • Music: 'He Lies', Jimmy Z • Dick Morris: Obama is losing Egypt

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
CBS News: Senate votes down health care repeal measure
Human Events: Mitch McConnell forces a Senate vote to repeal Obamacare
CBS News: White House fires back at ruling declaring Obamacare unconstitutional
CBS News: Bush daughter supports same-sex marriage
YouTube: Barbara Bush, homosexual marriage supporter
YouTube: Laura Bush supports homosexual marriage & is pro choice
YouTube: Barbara Bush endorses homosexual marriage
YouTube: Barbara Bush backs homosexual marriage in New York
YouTube: Joy Behar: Bush's daughter for homosexual marriage
YouTube: Speaker Boehner talks about cutting spending, Congressional security
Informing Christians: Debra JM Smith: The safety of all - not just some - at town hall meetings
Uruknet: Loosing the goons: The Mubarak-Obama move to crush Egypt's uprising
YouTube: Who are the pro-Mubarak supporters?
World Net Daily: Egypt now fears Obama is a 'Manchurian President'
Big Government: Barbara Boxer approved Code Pink trip to Fallujah
Atlas Shrugs: Egypt: Robert Spencer on Beck: 'There are no heroes in the story'
Newsmax: Al Gore: Global warming causing record cold and snow
Al Gore: An answer for Bill O'Reilly
MSNBC: School district reverses, lets Jesus song in talent show
KCBS 2: School district allows fifth grader to dance to Jesus song
YouTube: Amadeus: 'Too many notes'
San Francisco Chronicle: June special election may be 'vote by mail' only
San Francisco Chronicle: Republicans prepare conditional support for special election
Daily Caller: Obama snubs Issa on first major document deadline
YouTube: Sean Hannity vs. Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary
Watching TV: Anderson Cooper 'punched and kicked' by Mubarak supporters
Fox Nation: Egyptian Foreign Ministry says Obama's words inciting violence
Fox Nation: Ellen Degeneres: The interview that will haunt President Obama
The Hill: Dick Morris: Obama is losing Egypt


Anonymous said...

Why do you conservatives always point out that "Al Gore says its so" - as if he's the primary voice fueling the theory and as such isn't accurate!?! .. Over 95% of CLIMATOLOGISTS make the SAME ASSERTION. (You know, people who spend all their time and career studying these things) . This is not an AL GORE INVENTION! .. This is not Al Gore's "INTERNET"

And yes, the science is correct - these weather anomalies are indicative of vast climate change going on. The only debate is whether human kind has had anything to do with it. Do you honestly not think humans are capable of severely altering the environment? Were you not around Los Angeles in the 70s? (cough cough)

Anonymous said...

I find it absolutely petty that any of you think Obama could have sway over a foreign populace uprising. (re: Obama is losing Egypt)
As if Obama could wave his hand and calm a foreign people down ...

Then again, I suppose you conservatives really think he's a messiah (or anti-christ) .. The only people pushing the "Obama is messiah" meme are you guys. I've never heard that from anyone on the left.

Jz said...

You should listen and find out.

Jz said...

"I find it absolutely petty that any of you think Obama could have sway over a foreign populace uprising. (re: Obama is losing Egypt)
As if Obama could wave his hand and calm a foreign people down ..."

One of the most ignorant things you have ever typed.

Debra J.M. Smith said...

re: the Bush family

Some might recall the open letter that the Bush twins wrote to the Obama girls. The day that I read that letter was the day that I knew for a fact we conservatives had been very much played and used to put their father into office. --

Barbara and her mother, Laura coming out as homosexual supporters and Laura's support of abortion simply further confirms such.

If Bush was really against these things, I just do not believe that his wife and daughter would do come out with that what they have said.

No matter what, they are going to learn something the hard way, eventually. They are going to find out that kissing up to Satan will only get them burned.

Informing Christians

Anonymous said...

I realize I've been a bit of a jerk to you Jimmy; Reading your replies I notice you usually don't dwelve into personal attacks and disrespect as often as I have. For that I apologize.

Jz said...

Apology accepted.

John said...

Great show today. (I get the shows a day late in Germany)
I loved the sound effects during the Bush family support on gay issues.
And the obvious bias with the Joy Behar show... typical. " I agree with things when they fit my agenda"...
And I feel your frustration with these libs. If only all it would take is a quick slap up side the head to get them thinking right!
Anderson Cooper; I read the story they had. How do they know who is who over there? To characterize the attackers as supporters of the Mubarak regime...

"Anderson Cooper 'punched and kicked' by Mubarak supporters"

Good job!

Jz said...

Happy to have you listening from Germany. Amazing!

I think that news crews have credentials. And in the Middle East I would bet that Anderson Cooper is known and stands out.