Friday, February 4, 2011


Youtube commentary on Black History Month
Unemployment falls - but who's not counted?

McCain: Obama more centrist, easier to work with
Show No. 025-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • BLACK HISTORY MONTH • Audio: Morgan Freeman doesn't want Black History Month • Audio: Black and Right commentary: Who has really been keeping the black man and woman down? • Audio: On on hand it could be considered racist • Audio: Jamie Foxx on Jimmy Kimmel: No dating white women for Black History Month • Audio: Mohammed Abshaun: Is Black History Month overrated? • Keeping track of which race created or invented products • Audio: 'Laoshu' believes Black History Month is important • Important to have role models • Audio: Morgan Freeman on slavery, separation and race in the South • Audio: Jewish girl: I hate Black History Month • Audio: White guy with a pot pipe on Black History Month • Audio: White guy apologizes for 'that whole slavery thing' •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Audio: Bill Cosby on voting for Obama • Audio: Hebrew satire: Obama's 'Reality Perception Adviser' interviewSong Parody: If I Wasn't Clueless • Unemployment falls to 9.0% • Who aren't they counting? • Gallup unemployment numbers much more accurate • Music: 'He Lies', Jimmy Z • Audio: John McCain says Obama is 'much more centrist' and much easier to work with • Senate passes resolution saying Mubarak should step down • Audio: McCain agrees with Obama, Mubarak should step down • Audio: McCain with Greta Van Susteren: Mubarak should stabilize Egypt • Audio: Christiane Amanpour spoke with Hosni Mubarak • Fox News crew attacked and beaten, hospitalized in Egypt •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Morgan Freeman on Black History Month
YouTube: Black and Right: Black History Month
YouTube: Lovie2000: Is Black History Month racist?
YouTube: Jamie Foxx won't be dating white women during February
YouTube: Mohammed Abshaun: What do you think about Black History Month?
YouTube: Re Black History Month - Laoshu505000
YouTube: Morgan Freeman interview on race and slavery
YouTube: I hate Black History Month - ILoveCADaughtry
YouTube: Joshula13: Black History Month and a pot pipe
YouTube: Happy Black History Month - Weebles Womble
YouTube: Obama's Clueless Adviser
Yahoo Finance: Unemployment falls to 9%, but only 36,000 new jobs
Examiner: Unemployment rate falls as more people 'stop looking for work'
Gallup: US unemployment up slightly in January to 9.8%
The Hill: McCain says a 'much more centrist' Obama 'much' easier to work with
Bloomberg: McCain interview on Egypt's Mubarak and working with Obama
ABC News: Symbolic move, Senate passes resolution on Egypt crisis
YouTube: McCain: It's time for Egypt's Mubarak to step down
YouTube: ABC News: Mubarak to Amanpour: 'I want to go'
Fox Nation: Fox News crew attacked, hospitalized in Egypt

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Anonymous said...

As Obama has said cut up the credit card in his budget address. Then why isnt he on the side of Governor Walker in Wisconsin now. Obama has NO plan to stay within his spending means in the budget. Obama is runing his agenda and will bus in radical protesters when the republicans filibuster higher spending next. Obama isnt a leader but a liar and trader to OUR country. Go Wisconsin................