Monday, February 21, 2011


Gov. Scott Walker standing strong in Wisconsin
Mexican Tennis Tournament: Cab drivers killed

Communists inspired by Wisconsin and Egypt
Show No. 036-2011

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Opening • Middle East Update • Gaddafi flees Tripoli • Why aren't we drilling our own oil! • Iran warships to travel the Suez Canal • Solar flares may cause electronic mayhem • Audio: BBC story regarding solar flares • Fox News crew attacked and beaten in Sacramento • Audio: Fox News crew attacked • Reporters must press charges • Teacher protests may cost Wisconsin $6 million • Doctors who were writing fake notes for teachers identified • Interview: Michele Bachmann says that we can't stop Obamacare funding • Some Patriot Action Network comments border on extremist • Rant: Conservative publicity for Muslim cleric's protest at the White House • 'Lock and load' people on the internet • Iraq veteran shouted down and jeered at Columbia University when he speaks the truth about the Middle East • Audio: Iraq veteran speaking at Columbia • Mexican Open Tennis Tournament plagued by murders • Players should stay at the hotel and leave immediately upon being eliminated - but their safety is secure •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Song parody: 'The Days of B. Hussein', Jimmy Z • Current Events and Then Some: Debra JM Smith: How are we at buying American made products • The Jimmy Z Comment Line • Bullies and Israel • Unions in Wisconsin • The Tea Party in Florida • Standing up in Wisconsin and calling Senators • Reading Twitter posts: Hateful liberals wishing death on Governor Scott Walker • Audio: Liberals accusing the right of being the source of hate and death threats • Audio: Governor Scott Walker on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace • Updates from Wisconsin • Gov. Walker calls for Democrats to come home • Investigation launched into Wisconsin sick notes • Middle East Updates • Oil output reduced, oil prices up • Libya faces civil war •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Daily Mail UK: Gaddafi flees Tripoli
Reuters: Muslim leaders order followers to rebel
Reuters: Tribe threatens to cut oil exports
AP News: Companies prepare evacuations
Reuters: US Military chief visits Gulf to urge restraint
The New Age: Khamenei: America must be removed from the Islamic world
AJC: Iran warships to begin Suez Canal passage Tuesday
BBC: Space storms threaten technology
The Blaze: Shocking video: Local Fox crew attacked, beaten in California
MacIver Institute: Protesting teachers could cost Wisconsin $6 million
Patriot Action Network: Here are the doctors who were allegedly writing fake notes
Parcbench: Michele Bachmann: 'This game doesn't last very long'
The Jimmy Z Show: Screen shot: Google search for comment on P.A.N.
Patriot Action Network: Extremist cleric story comment from 'James'
DNA Info: Students jeer Iraq veteran at Columbia University
Gather: Mexican Open Tennis Tournament plagued by murders
Daily Mail UK: Slaughter of the Taxi drivers
Random: Coin flipping online
Informing Christians: Debra JM Smith: How are we at buying American made
Big Government: Tolerant left wishes death on Governor Scott Walker
YouTube: Governor Scott Walker with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday
Fox News: Walker warns of deeper debt if Wisconsin lawmakers don't get budget
Reuters: Wisconsin Governor calls on Democrats to come home
Fox Nation: Investigation launched into Wisconsin 'sick notes'
Business Journal: Physician groups blast sickness excuses at protests
AP: Oil companies move staff out of Libya
AP: Military jets attack protesters in Tripoli
Al Arabia: Gaddafi's son warns of 'rivers of blood'
YouTube: Socialists rooting for revolution in Wisconsin

1 comment:

Adam said...

Jimmy, I respect your reply to the P.A.N. users rhetoric. Perhaps I was again wrong about you, thinking perhaps you'd spin it when you didn't.

The only thing I'd disagree with you on is your opinion that this type of rhetoric is more numerous on the left. I beg to differ -- I've been paying close attention and it's much more prevalent than you think on the right. It just took me a couple minutes to dig up the comments I forwarded to you the other day. I've seen much worse and countless occurrences of such speech.

Speaking of which, doesn't it say anything that the moderator on P.A.N. seemed to agree with the comment by patch - Suggesting on your P.A.N. page that the comment was TRUE (his word) but just not appropriate to be made public on resistnet. ?! ..