Monday, February 7, 2011


Christina Aguilera blows on the National Anthem
Palin speech canceled in CO for safety concerns

More analysis about Obama's unemployment lies
Show No. 026-2011

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Opening • Website problems over the weekend (We appear to be up and running now) • Superbowl game and Superbowl commercials • Horrible performance: Christina Aguilera performs the National Anthem • In some ways, Rosanne did a better job • Audio: Picking apart Aguilera's performance • Audio: Update on 5th grader Jesus song performance • Audio: Sarah Palin speaks at Reagan birthday celebration • Rant: Comparing Sarah Palin to Ronald Reagan • Sarah Palin speech canceled for safety concerns in Colorado • Ron and Michael Reagan on Palin • Audio: Portion of Palin speech last Saturday • Rant: Canceling an appearance emboldens those who make threats • Hawaii ponders making it illegal to sell toy guns to minors • Civility Watch: Michelle Malkin posts a vulgar, hateful political rap song • It's not hate, it's art and self expression •

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Opening • Audio: Rush Limbaugh on Obama's lies regarding unemployment • Reading: Dick Morris on Obama's lies regarding unemployment • Earmarks gone from the budget in 2012 and 2013 • Republicans should win the Senate in 2012 • Energy shortages come from the Obama & Democrat agenda • Shortages of natural gas • Obama has not issued a single oil drilling permit since October • Audio: Rush Limbaugh on Obama energy policy • Sarah Palin attempts to trademark her name • Audio: Jon Stewart goes after Olbermann and Schultz • More on Christina Aguilera's Superbowl travesty • Music: Carrie Underwood sings the National Anthem • Music: The Cactus Cuties sing the National Anthem • Christina criticized everywhere • Thousands find out there Superbowl tickets were no good •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Christina Aguilera muffs the US National Anthem
YouTube: Rosanne Barr singing the National Anthem
CBS 2: Jesus song performance by 5th grader goes off without a hitch
CBS 2: Sarah Palin speaks at Reagan 100th Birthday celebration
Third Age: Sarah Palin speech canceled over 'onslaught of personal attacks'
Associated Content: Is Sarah Palin Reagan reborn?
Hawaii Legislation: HB 432: Illegal to sell toy guns to minors
Michelle Malkin: Civility Watch: 'Time for Assassination' rap song
Rush Limbaugh: Unspinning latest unemployment numbers
Dick Morris: Lies, Damn Lies, and Unemployment Statistics
Dick Morris: Bye Bye Earmarks
Dick Morris: Republicans Poised to Win the Senate
Yahoo Finance: Shell: No Beaufort Sea Drilling in Arctic for 2011
KFOX-TV: Borderland residents asked to limit use of natural gas
AP: Thousands in New Mexico without natural gas service
Heritage Foundation: 103 Gulf of Mexico drilling plans await government approval
Rush Limbaugh: Barack Obama's energy crisis
ABC 7 News: Sarah Palin tries to trademark her name
Mediaite: Ed Schultz and Jon Stewart go after one another
YouTube: Carrie Underwood sings the National Anthem
CS Monitor: Christina Aguilera National Anthem: Why she blew it
YouTube: Cactus Cuties sing Star Spangled Banner on 700 Club
Wall Street Journal: Why Christina Aguilera's National Anthem struck a nerve
MLive: Despite National Anthem flop, Aguilera will sing Aretha tribute
NESN: Biggest Superbowl Disaster: Aguilera, Black Eyed Peas or ticket snafu?

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Anonymous said...

At least they didn't have Curtis Blow do a rap version of the Star Spangled banner.