Sunday, February 20, 2011


Obama in Wisconsin: He should mind his own business
Walker's bill would end requirement to join union

Doctors hand out fake sick notes to protesters
Show No. 035-2011

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Opening • Great interview: Senator Randy Hopper from Wisconsin on LA radio • GOP resolve has grown strong • Democrats who left the state • Audio: Protester talks in private video report: Sieg heil • Rant: There's no money left anymore • Health care and pensions and union demands in the face of a long term recession • Teachers protest joined by fire and police departments • Private sector productivity demands • Democrats still staying out of Wisconsin • Obama taming spending, siding with unions, and non-partisan? • RNC involves itself in Wisconsin • Opposition Tea Party protesters show up in Wisconsin • Audio: Jesse Jackson compares Wisconsin to Egypt • Audio: Short clip of boring Jesse Jackson speech • Obama website helps to organize protesters • Audio: Obama's $100 million budget cut illustrated • Violent and hateful signs held by leftist protesters in Wisconsin • Audio clips from liberals saying they aren't violent or hateful •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Music: 'Freedom Isn't Free' from Team America • Audio: Governor Walker on Fox • Have the guts to show up and do your job • It would be wise for the President to focus on balancing their budget • Audio: Report: Doctors signing faked doctor's notes • Rant: This is like handing out fake prescriptions • Some democrats may not be out of state • Democrat party in Wisconsin condemns hateful signs • Rant: Enough of Hitler already • Audio: Tea Party chases down two Wisconsin democrats in Illinois • Obama goes too far by mobilizing opposition: None of this is Obama's business • Democrats threaten to stay away for weeks • Democrats demand the Republican majority compromise with them • Liberals downplay Obama's involvement in Wisconsin • Audio: Report: Average compensation for teachers tops $100,000 • Audio: Governor Walker with Greta Van Susteren • Walker's union bill will end teachers being required to join unions • Explaining the quorum, paper editorial chastises teachers and Senators for not doing their jobs • Jesse Jackson invokes the name of Martin Luther King • Other states to follow suit • If you don't like the pay or the benefits, resign • Idaho schools superintendent stalked • Conservatives need to keep their heads at these protests • Walker says no to union concession offers •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
KFI AM 640: On demand listening, John and Ken
Randy Hopper: State Senator in Wisconsin District 18
YouTube: Another angle of union intimidation in Columbus Ohio
Seattle PI: State budget fights fire up union, Obama involved
Weekly Standard: RNC enters Wisconsin public sector union battle
Madison Sentinel Journal: Opposing sides meet as Capitol protests enter sixth day
YouTube: Jesse Jackson joins Wisconsin Governor union rally
YouTube: Jesse Jackson speech, Madison 2/18/11 - Part 1
Organizing for America: My Barack Obama OFA State Page
YouTube: Visualizing Obama's Budget cuts: Explained in 1 minute
YouTube: Rhetoric vs. Reality: Liberal protest of Gov. Walker's budget repair
The Hill: Wisconsin Governor: GOP won't be bullied by union protesters
YouTube: Governor Scott Walker on Fox and Friends
YouTube: Madison Wisconsin protesters get fake excuses from doctors
Today's TMJ4: Capitol Chaos: State patrol goes after democratic senators
CNS News: Wisconsin Democratic party condemns hateful signs
Breitbart: Tea Party drives senate democrats back to Madison
Republicans tie Wisconsin Democrats to Obama
AJC: Wisconsin protests: Obama goes too far by mobilizing opposition
AP: Wisconsin democrats could stay away for weeks
CNN: Why Wisconsin matters for President Obama
Huffington Post: Wisconsin protests set up dance between Obama and labor
Fox 6 News: MPS closed: Milwaukee public schools closed for Friday
MacIver Institute: Average MPS teacher compensation tops $100,000
YouTube: Governor Walker discusses budget repair bill on Fox 
Madison Journal Sentinel: The Democrats' tantrum
The Politico: DNC playing role in Wisconsin protests
Madison Journal Sentinel: Capitol protests 'a real Martin Luther King moment'
Wall Street Journal: In Wisconsin fight, officials search capitol for democrats
AP News: Republicans challenging unions in state capitols
Bloomberg: Public worker protests spread from Wisconsin to Ohio
CBS Minnesota: Could Minnesota see similar union fights as Wisconsin?
Idaho Press: Nampa police: Tom Luna threatened, vehicle vandalized
CS Monitor: Wisconsin protests: Why 'week of rage' matters to America
The Politico: Pelosi backs Wisconsin protesters
Duluth News Tribune: Walker rejects unions' offer, protests swell to 70,000


Anonymous said...

Speaking of the union protests -- and hateful rhetoric -- I've been following the P.A.N. comments since it's been going on. I saw several people suggest calling the national guard and arresting them all. Someone even suggested May 4th 1970 repeat as a solution. (Kent State)

This is all in the (resistnet/P.A.N.) forums.

Don't you think it's a little hypocritical to talk about hateful rhetoric on signs from the left when this stuff is coming from YOUR side? (OWN IT)

Jz said...

If you give me the 'permalink' to those comments, I'll read them on the show and flay them with my incisive commentary. Get to work - show me those. You do know that each comment on PAN (formerly Resistnet) there has it's own link, right?

Anonymous said...
Where in the hell is Lee Harvey Oswald? We need to send him to Columbia U and give he all the ammo he wants!!!!!!
When the extremist followers all gather in the mosques and kneel down facing Mecca it would be a good time to flip a dozen or so hand grenade

Anonymous said...

There's just a couple quotes .. There are many many more but I don't want to waste my time as you seem to be lazy and also dishonest. (You almost have the attitude that I'm making this up even though you've personally replied to this kind of rhetoric on resistnet yourself.

The "lee harvey oswald" comment was in reply to an incident where an injured ROTC guy was jeered at columbia university.

I see this type of violent rhetoric and MUCH MUCH worse EVERY F-ing day from your side. My own threats on here are NOTHING compared to what I see on a daily basis from your side. What's more, I never see anyone on your side admonishing these individuals on the comment threads in question.

Anonymous said...

You participate on Resistnet. You know that type of rhetoric is there. You choose not to confront it on your show. You are pandering to your audience. Nothing wrong with that in the sense that you want to be popular among your fellow conservatives. You get very butt hurt when anyone on resistnet calls you a liberal. However, you brush it off as you realize they are just jealous because you have a slightly higher IQ then the average conservative. (Which isn't an epic milestone to say the least -- but I give you credit where credit is due)

Jz said...

I found the one from James, but I cannot find the one from PATCH. The amount of hunting I have to do makes this very difficult. So I have to request the actual permalink FOR THE COMMENT itself, in the blog post or within the discussion. I don't distrust you on the PATCH comment, but I cannot find it and it has disappeared from his front page now. I need the permalink.

Damn shame too because I'd report him to PAN for that one.

Jz said...

Your attitude pisses me off here anonymous. If you want to provide the comment links, I will take it from there. Then if I fail, you can chastise me. Until then, get off of YOUR ass and back up YOUR claim. It's not my job to go dig up comments to support your accusation. I am obviously not over at PAN as often as you think I am.

Jz said...

You want to gripe about me more than you want to get to the heart of the matter. Stop talking about me and prove your point. God but you liberals whine all the time. I did a LONG segment on Resistnet folks and their ridiculous comments some time ago. But I don't read comments there as often as you do. I don't have TIME to read them. I'm doing a show. I'm not approving anymore of your comments about what I'm not doing. Stop whining and get to work.

Jz said...

Ok, it looks like he deleted the comment or a moderator did. But I have a screen shot now of a google search which DOES verify that he wrote the comment, and what 'discussion' it was under.

From now on, get the permalink for the actual comment itself - not a list of comments from the person's page. Also, if you want to make sure that the comments are not deleted, get a screen shot.

PAN is a responsible website and will delete these kinds of posts. They're good about that. So while one person might post crap, it doesn't always last long. I don't have a problem with PAN, but there are some hotheads that let their emotions carry them away.

Jz said...

Oh, one more thing. No more anonymous comments. I'll make it clear on the show too. No big deal - but I want a name. All anonymous comments will be deleted from now on, unread.