Thursday, February 10, 2011


Ex-Rep. Chris Lee flirted with Craig's List honey
Commentary: Michael Stollaire & Debra JM Smith

Dems support Obamacare & will face voters in 2012
Show No. 029-2011

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Opening • EGYPT • Mubarak not leaving at press time • Writings expose Muslim Brotherhood • McCain, other Republicans support Obama line item veto • First Lady holds 'invitation only', 'listen only' conference calls • Ex-Rep. Chris Lee trolling for babes on Craig's List • Lee's messages on Craig's List • Republicans do not embrace scum bags • Information about the woman Lee was interested in • Lee warned about dangers on the internet in an op-ed piece • Audio: Columnist with Piers Morgan • Comments by Donald Trump • John Boehner had warned Lee about behavior • Union leader: Fiscal conservatives are 'mentally retarded' • Arabic program in Texas on hold and may not happen • Get your kids out of public school • Western fashions criticized as being ungodly in Iraq •

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Opening • Jimmy Z music medley • Music: 'They Took The Money Away', Jimmy Z • Current Events and Then Some with Debra JM Smith: Information from cult sourcesReality Check with Michael Stollaire: Egypt • Replay: Jimmy Z's impersonation of Rep. Chris Lee • The Jimmy Z Comment Line • Ray on race • Robert on Global Warming • The Constitution • Redistribution of wealth • Terrorism and Islam • Obama administration ignores judges decision on Obamacare • Arizona sues the federal government • Mubarak says he will not resign but he will transfer power • Dick Morris: Democrats are walking the plank and face defeat in 2012

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
The Times UK Front Page
Free Republic: Saudis told Obama to back Mubarak
Fox News: Egyptian President Mubarak will 'respond' to protester demands
MSNBC: Egypt's Mubarak to step down
Jerusalem Post: Muslim Brotherhood text reveals scope of radical creed
The Hill: Senators see presidential support for 'line item veto' bill
CNS News: First Lady's office holds 'listen only', 'invitation only' conference calls
Gawker: Married GOP Congressman sent sexy pictures to Craiglist babe
The Atlantic: More details about Chris Lee's lady
Huffington Post: Christopher Lee warned about 'dangers of the internet' in op-ed
NY Daily News: Ex-GOP Rep. Christopher Lee was warned by Speaker Boehner
Michelle Malkin: Government union boss calls fiscal hawks 'mentally retarded'
Patriot Action Network: Mansfield Arabic program on hold
NY Times: Mannequins wear a message for Iraq's women
Reuters: Mubarak says he will transfer power but won't resign
Reuters: Arizona sues federal government over Mexico border
The Hayride: Updated: Florida Fed Judge rules Obamacare unconstitutional
Reuters: House seen blocking healthcare funds
Dick Morris: Senate Democrats Walk the Plank

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