Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Matthews says government stimulates the economy
Obama proposes $26.3T national debt by 2021

House Republicans hesitate to de-fund Obamacare
Show No. 032-2011

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Opening • Why no show on Tuesday? • Audio: Breaking down Obama's press conference and outrageous budget • Willing to work with everyone, ready to simplify the tax codes • Common ground like Ronald Reagan • Live within our means, while still 'investing' in the future • Long term debt questions from the press • 'We're not going to be running the credit cards up anymore' • Egypt and the Middle East • Obama stammers when he's uncomfortable • Debt added is $7.2 trillion over 10 years • Unjustifiable spending through the tax codes • Corporate tax increases for oil companies • Oil is an 'energy source of the past' • The budget, entitlements and cutting spending • Audio: Chris Matthews says government spending stimulates the economy • Obama's budgets do not come close to balancing • Music: 'He Lies', Jimmy Z • An open letter to media 'professionals' in the US • Amazing: The media celebrates protesters in Egypt, but insults conservative protesters in the US •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Song parody: 'Now's a Fine Time To Leave Us Barack', Jimmy Z • CA likely to be slammed by federal budget cuts • Incarcerating illegals in CA: $1 billion for one year • Record deficit for 2011 fiscal year • Analogy: Family $10,000 in debt cuts the deficit, increases the debt • Audio: John Boehner on Meet the Press • David Greggory talks with Boehner about spending cuts and conservative tea party members of the House • Mandatory spending & the entitlement problem • Raising the debt limit • Most Americans do not know just how big the problem is • Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae • Obama's job performance is still at 48% • David Greggory pushes Boehner on the Obama Christianity & citizenship issues • Boehner declares Obama is a Christian • Current Events and Then Some with Debra JM Smith: Bill O'Reilly said you're insane if you don't say Obama is a Christian • Rep. Steve King's amendment to de-fund Obamacare dismissed by the House Rules Committee Republicans • What happens if we do not de-fund • Automatic funding of Obamacare built into to law • Democrats voted without reading the bill • Rant: Only 53 have watched this video on de-funding Obamacare •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Presidential press conference on the 2012 budget
Huffington Post: The Obama press conference in five minutes
Real Clear Politics: Matthews: Government spending stimulates the economy
Net Right Daily: A debt that cannot be paid
Darrell Barry and Common Nonsense: Open letter to media 'professionals' in the USA
YouTube: An open letter to media 'professionals' in the USA
LA Times: Obama's budget would provide less to California
Washington Times: Federal deficit on track for a record this fiscal year
Daily Mail UK: Boehner warns, 'We're broke' as Obama plans to increase spending
Speaker of the House John Boehner: Official website
YouTube: Speaker Boehner talks jobs and the economy on Meet The Press
Informing Christians: Debra JM Smith: O'Reilly: You're insane if you don't say Obama is Christian
Patriot's Tea Party: Committee rejects plan to fully defund Obamacare
Rasmussen: Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
The Jimmy Z Show Blog: Republicans refuse to defund Obamacare
YouTube: Rep. Steve King before the House Rules Committee re Obamacare


Anonymous said...

What on earth were you doing Tuesday that was so important that you had to cancel your show? I thought the show was the love of your life? Your wife left you because you didn't give her enough attention - aren't you worried about the same fate befalling you beloved show?

Jz said...

*Laughing* Since I have never taken a vacation since I began this, the greatest of all internet radio shows, I am entitled to take care of a few things and have a day off. In the meantime I produced a nice video for friends, now available on Youtube. And a lot of things got done yesterday that will make the show better.

What I would suggest is coming up with a good defense for that ridiculous budget Obama coughed up like a hair ball - or even an explanation as to why he thinks America can survive with a debt larger than the GDP.

But I know - you would prefer to talk about me. Thanks for listening.

Adam said...

A little humility will take you a long ways Jimmy boy...

Adam said...

You're really not a bad guy and conservatism makes some good points. Just so many people in your movement are so repulsive that it makes it hard for those on the "fence" to take you seriously. I guess the same can be said about Liberals though ;

Jz said...

Adam - The point is, either I make my case or I don't. Lumping everyone together seems silly. I speak for myself, I make my own arguments, and have fun along the way. Some folks will come along for the ride.

Jz said...

My humility is not compromised by my awareness of my greatness.