Wednesday, March 23, 2011


The birth certificate issue is still going nowhere
Job one: Nominate someone who can defeat Obama!

TV news reporter totally loses it during comments
Show No. 051-2011


Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Continuing from Monday's show: Allen West tells birthers to focus on Obama's policies • Arguing the point with someone online who goes by 'Fellowship' • 51% of Republicans believe Obama may not be a citizen • Obama's approval still above 45%, and he can win in 2012 • Forget the birth certificate • Reading: Fellowship's comment about Jimmy Z • Birthers believe that we can eventually throw Obama out of the White House • Over three years of 'slow progress' has produced nothing • We need to win the majority in the Senate, and keep the majority in the House • Accusing Jimmy Z of talking like a liberal • The productive course is to pursue ballot protection initiatives in each state • No state has enacted any such law • Self deception and delusional thinking • The Jimmy Z Response • Obama will be president on November 6, 2012 • Job one is to nominate a GOP candidate that can defeat Obama • Audio: Rush Limbaugh's montage: Great Presidential War Announcements in US History • Obama gets war updates during dinner in Chile • Audio: Global News reporter Mark McAllister loses it during broadcast • 'Excuse me, I'll hand it back to you' • Jimmy Z loses it laughing • Audio: Jimmy Kimmel plays portions forward and backward •


Anonymous said...

Thank GOD - another piece of shit troll and genuine traitor is gone from PAN! FINALLY! How's your commie bullshit working now dope head?

Jz said...

I don't usually post anonymous comments but I had to in this case because your rant was so funny, 'Fellowship'. LOL

Jimmy Z said...

(Oh, and to my listeners, I apologize for the vulgarity left by a supposed conservative from Patriot Action Network. This is really disappointing, that because of simple disagreement, this clown figures the thing to do is to write vulgar messages on my website. Remember, never ONCE did I write any vulgar messages to him. Not once.