Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Facebook pulls Palestinian uprising page
CJ's Mom blogs about her 'homosexual' 4 year old

Joel Osteen on mercy, grace and understanding
Show No. 055-2011

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Opening • Obama Libya speech had to be early enough so as not to conflict with Dancing With The Stars • Rant: If this is a war speech, interrupt the show! • Kid Rock on TV last night • Audio clips: Obama on Libya • Obama's 'casual war' • Obama's gray hair again • The Obama ears • Bob Scheiffer: Obama's very forceful defense of his plan • Audio: Obama on March Madness picks: No teleprompter, more forceful • Elvis-Nixon: CNN's pro Muslim propaganda • Israel's protest leads to Facebook removing Palestinian revolt page • Rant: American Jews keep voting for democrats, who are pro Islam • Audio: Joel Osteen on mercy and grace • Thoughts on my show in light of Joel's message •

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Opening • Music: 'It's A Fine Time To Leave Us Barack', Jimmy Z • Audio: John and Ken interview 'CJ's Mom', author of the 'Raising My Rainbow' blog • Reading from the Raising My Rainbow blog • CJ's Dad writes about his 'homosexual' 4 year old boy • He puts dresses on dolls with his 4 year old son • God did not keep His thinking about homosexuality a secret • CJ's Mom is upset with McDonald's for having specific toys for boys or girls • CJ's Dad doesn't like calling his boy a girl • Email and comments to CJ's Mom • Rant: Catholics and Christians picking and choosing what they want to believe in


Adam said...

You missed the entire point of Rev. Osteen's message. You still have this "holier than thou" outlook over people who happen to think different than you politically.

Oh and by the way, Joel is a VERY good man. He's one of the few preachers I love and listen to. Most modern Christians conservatives have lied so much and are such hypocrites that I can't even stand them. Joel actually has credibility. Don't destroy his message with your snobbery.

Jz said...

Holy cow, in just 78 words, you criticized me and nuked yourself with that criticism. Classic!

Cain said...

Did CJ’s Mom ever consider that CJ may like Barbie dolls because he’s HETEROSEXUAL? I knew a friend who, when was younger (No, not me. Honestly, not me) who liked his sister’s Barbie Doll because it was the only female he could see undressed.

Now if little CJ liked combing his GI Joe’s hair that perhaps that could be considered a sign that little CJ is queer. However, I’m pretty sure a four-year-old has no sexual feelings, much less any sexual preference to begin with.

For some reason, this poor airhead (CJ’s Mom) wants a queer son and she would be highly disappointed if it turns out he is attracted to women, and is just as normal (at least as far as sexual orientation goes) as most other males.