Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Reid Must Resign
Mark Levin photo courtesy dirkbag.com
by Mark Levin, in his
National Review Online Blog

Attacking Alberto Gonzales is like clubbing a baby seal. He's weak. He was always weak. He was weak when he served as White House counsel. He was weak when he was confirmed by the Senate for attorney general. And he was weak during testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday. Now, before there was Gonzales, there was John Ashcroft. He was always strong. He was strong when he served in the Senate. He was strong when he was confirmed by the Senate for attorney general. And he was strong when he testified before the 9/11 Commission. They said he had to go because he was strong.

Everyone knows what's going on here. The Democrats, who started this, want Gonzales's head on a stake as another supposed example of administration corruption. They want the public to believe that the firing of these eight U.S. attorneys is the equivalent of Watergate. These are the same Democrats who defended Janet Reno to the end despite real malfeasance, including the Elian Gonzales disaster, the WACO massacre, and the deadly expansion of the legal wall between the CIA and FBI. In comparison, Gonzales is Oliver Wendell Holmes. But Republicans have had enough of him. They see him as incapable of defending himself, let alone advancing a conservative agenda. And they hope to replace him with someone more to their liking, which will never happen given this Senate. In the big scheme, none of this matters, and the public could care less. The president’s ratings aren’t affected by this. This is an inside-the-beltway manufactured scandal.

(By the way, I say this as someone who has never been impressed with Gonzales, Harriet Miers, and so many of the people the president holds close.)

Far more relevant, consequential and disturbing is the behavior of the Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, who by word and action is actively undermining our fighting men and women in Iraq. His legislative efforts to starve our armed forces in the middle of a war are as contemptible as anything I’ve witnessed in my 25 years in Washington. And yesterday he made a statement that was so disgraceful and brazen that it could have been uttered by Tokyo Rose during World War II or Jane Fonda during the Vietnam War. The difference, of course, is that Reid is the highest ranking Democrat in the United States Senate.

For those who are so pre-occupied with Gonzales that they may not have heard it, this is what Reid said yesterday: "I believe ... that this war is lost, and this surge is not accomplishing anything, as is shown by the extreme violence in Iraq this week."

So, Reid announces to our brave volunteers that their country is sending them to a lost war. And he announces to our enemy that victory is within their reach — just keep up the killing a little longer. During my radio show last night, I received a call from a Gold Star father. He was outraged by Reid’s comment. He has called before and has become a good friend. But I’ve never heard him as angry and frustrated as he was last night.

Rather than join the chorus demanding Gonzales's resignation, let me be the first to demand Reid's resignation. And let's see how many pundits, conservative and otherwise, will join me.

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Also, this audio: Dick Cheney fires back and Harry Reid, and all Reid can do is call Cheney an "attack dog." Typical liberal ad hom politics - Cheney was so civil, yet so pointed, when he dismantled Reid, all Reid could do is whine about it. Licking his wounds, Reid cowers in fear and shame.

Want to hear why Reid is whining and cowering?
Click HERE for the audio.

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