Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Yes, there are very successful blacks in
America who thrive on victimology

Richard Williams, father of enormously successful American tennis stars Serena and Venus Williams, opened his mouth again to show his ignorance and nastiness - his inner moonbat - and the quote is beyond amazing. In fact, it's hard - even in perspective - to believe that this guy has been able to enjoy the freedom he has in America and he ended up such a victicrat!


''When we first landed we had a layover in Nigeria, and I couldn't wait. I wanted to get out of the plane and just take off my shoes and start running and never come back,'' she said. ``Because I just felt at home and at ease. I mean, I've never felt so comfortable. I've never been in a place where I felt happier, ever.''

Her father had heard her say that and thought he understood why.

Mr. Williams, like Serena, sugarcoats nothing.

''Isn't that something? She's born in America but goes elsewhere and feels more at home. It's simple. If we are Americans we sure aren't treated like it,'' he said. ``Even rabbits are treated better here than we are. If you shoot a rabbit out of season, you get a $500 fine.''

Notice that they left out a large portion of the real quote, because even realizes how damned stupid the jackass is:

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