Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Stone or no stone for Cho?
Jimmy Z, Lost Angeles

It is astounding that we've 'educated' (indoctrinated) our children with such a misguided sense of compassion, they cannot set up a memorial to the innocent without including the mass murderer. Using this logic, shall we include the islamo fascist terrorists in the 9-11 memorial in New York City? Shall we put up a plaque honoring the deaths of the two rotten apples that shot up Columbine? Maybe we should honor some of the living killers too. Maybe a nice puff piece on Charles Manson - after all, he's been not murdering for a long time now. Or Mark Chapman - he's getting along well these days. He killed John Lennon, but what the hell. He should be honored for sticking it out and getting his life back - what do you say?

No, there ought not be a stone out there for Cho within the memorial for the 32 innocent people he killed. We wish we were a student there. They'd have to cuff us and take us away before we'd cease removing whatever stupid stone these misguided morons place in his name. One student cited her sense of morality as she replaced the stone. Good God Almighty, what have we done to America's children?

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Plus: Already, a judge calls a mistrial because of Virginia Tech massacre

A judge has called a mistrial because of Cho shooting up Virginia Tech - a lawyer defending a man accused of pulling a gun on two golfers said that his client couldn't get a fair trial now because he's Korean American. The judge FELL FOR IT.

So why don't we let all the Korean American murderers and gang bangers and rapists and burglers and armed felons of every kind off with a pass because, after all, no one can get a fair trial now that Cho killed a bunch of innocent people.

We are not so much blaming the lawyer - that's his job to come up with any cockamamie way to get his client off - but the judge should be smarter than that. Wait, we suppose if it were a liberal judge, this kind of moonbat behavior is to be expected.

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