Friday, April 27, 2007


Alec Baldwin's appearance on The View

Is this just spin? Perhaps. But what I see is a strikingly honest analysis of a bitter ongoing divorce, and a string of horrors that led to his meltdown. The website and person in particular that Baldwin speaks of as being a tabloid trough feeder is Harvey Levin of who first published the nasty tape.

We think that whoever* provided the tape of the call to the public did at least as nasty a deed as the message itself. Give both Parts 1 and 2 a watch. I'd enjoy knowing what you think AFTER you watch the video clips. --JZ

*It is said to be Kim Basinger, the ex wife, and logically it almost has to be.

For Part 2, simply click HERE.


koko said...

I like Alec Baldwin he called Dick Cheney what he is A TERRORIST!!


Jimmy Z said...

1 - what makes Cheney a terrorist?

2 - Address the appearance on The View.

We are not going to let you continue to post comments that are off the topic and without back up.

You are on a short leash as of now.

A NEWT ONE said...

Let's face it Z... the slobbering drooling anti-war types cannot post anything even remotely coherent.

I sure am glad we are still in Iraq though. *g*