Monday, April 30, 2007



Finally, the US Supreme Court has ruled that a 19 year old scumbag (probably a leftwinger too - most violent criminals are democrats - ask me why, please ask me why!) has no right to sue law enforcement for chasing him and 'causing' him to lose control of his car.

Back on March 19, 2001, Victor Harris rolled his car down an embankment and became a quadriplegic. Aww, if only the criminal had just pulled over! He sued and the US Supreme Court said, "too bad douchebag. You get NOTHING."

By 8 to 1, the justices found in favor of the Coweta County deputy sheriff, Timothy Scott, and against the driver, Victor Harris, who was 19 when his car hurtled down an embankment and overturned, leaving him a quadriplegic, on the night of March 29, 2001.

The court found, contrary to Mr. Harris’s contention, that the deputy’s decision to ram the car was reasonable under the circumstances. The facts in the case — supported by a videotape of the chase, which reached speeds of 90 miles an hour on rain-slicked roads — were so damning against Mr. Harris that there was no need for a jury to consider them, the justices ruled, again contrary to Mr. Harris’s argument. --New York Times

This is justice. We are THRILLED. Chalk one up for the good guys this time.

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