Thursday, April 26, 2007

• Liberals have committed to this tactic


Jimmy Z, Lost Angeles

It's come down to this. Even the San Francisco Chronicle has ceased calling the bill in Washington a "troop funding bill;" now it's the Troop Exit Bill. Check it out HERE.

So that's it. This is what the democrats are going to hang 2008's run for the White House on - we tried to get the troops out of the war. This is all they can muster, this is what they wanted to do if they got control of Congress.

This is their best effort, this is what appeases their moonbat base. The anti-war kook fringe funds them through Soros and his ilk, so they really had no choice. This is their big stand.

Never mind that they are NOT the commander in chief. The Constitution does not see it that way; we do not see it that way, and anyone who knows the least tiny bit about the Constitution does not see it that way.

But Harry Reid (who ought to resign) and Nancy Pelosi (who tried to begin her own private foreign policy and was slammed by right and left alike!) are struggling against the Constitution to bring our troops home. They are much like a vile leftwing moonbat we know elsewhere online who once said that we ought to fight the terrorists here, on our own soil, not over there on their soil.

If Reid and Pelosi got their way, that's what would happen. The bottom line, my friends, is that this President might be imperfect, and this President may not be handling the border like we would have it done, but this President is stronger than many others, because he stands up for what he believes in and he tells Reid and Pelosi to take a hike.

The bill will be vetoed, and the truth will be out there for all to see: democrats in congress sought to undermine our war effort, pulled the rug out from underneath our military, and tried to do an end around on our country's Constitution. And in 2008, we will be reminding Americans of this.

Only the Soros/Moore moonbat crowd will appreciate it.

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