Monday, October 12, 2009


Republicans are doing us harm on the internet
Audio Frenzy: Obama's silly Nobel prize

Show No.196-2009

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Vacation • Nobel prize • Bono & U2 • Bono deserves ten Peace Prizes • Smocks for doctors at the White House • Republicans who harm us on the internet • Snooper • Fake email passed around the cyber world • Angie's post on Facebook, Starbucks supposedly refuses coffee for the troops • Comments & responses under the false story about Starbucks • People comment with evidence showing the story is false • Dept. of Defense article • Patricia writes about 'calumny' • My stories and information are backed up here on the show page •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Epilogue of the last hour • Audio Frenzy: Obama's silly Nobel prize • Crowd gasps when Obama's name is announced • Michael Steele's comments • Barbara Boxer whines about Michael Steele • John Bolton on Obama's silly prize • Dr. Boyce Watkins on Obama's prize • George Stephanopoulos laughs at Donna Brazile • Obama admits he lacks accomplishments • Rush Limbaugh regarding the media's cow over SNL Obama sketch • SNL: Obama accepts Nobel prize • White House communications director whines about Fox News • American Flag with Obama's face

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Facebook: Angie's post of a false story about Starbucks and comments
The Jimmy Z Show: Screen capture of Angie's post and comments
Defense Dept: Starbucks story
Urban Legends: Starbucks story
Snopes: Starbucks story
Boycott Watch: Starbucks story
Debra JM Smith: Obama's Nobel prize
YouTube: Announcement, Obama wins the peace prize
Washington Independent: Michael Steele attacks Obama over Nobel prize
YouTube: Barbara Boxer whines over criticism of Obama Nobel prize
YouTube: John Bolton on Obama Nobel prize
YouTube: Black scholar Dr. Boyce Watkins on Obama Nobel prize
Newsmax: Stephanopoulos laughs, Brazile says prize 'well deserved'
YouTube: Obama on his Nobel prize
Rush Limbaugh: State run media has a cow over SNL Obama sketch
YouTube: SNL mocks Obama's Nobel prize
CNN: White House aide whines about Fox News
Atlas Shrugs: Not a photoshop, Obama flag flying
The Jimmy Z Show: Photoshop, Obama flag burning

1 comment:

Jim McMahon said...

Welcome back Jimmy, it’s good to have you back on the air. In todays show you were talking about Starbucks. That story is an Urban Legend and has been circulating for years. It would be my guess that Starbucks is owned by liberals, but I can tell you from personal experience that they were very good to the Police and Firemen after 9-11, and that wasn’t just in NYC, that was nation wide. I don’t know what their current policies are now, but any time I went into Starbucks while on duty, they would refuse to charge me for coffee here in Chicago, and that was several years after 9-11.

So even though they’re probably liberal, and have different viewpoints on many things than me and most of your listeners, they still should not be falsely accused of un-patriotic policies. Don’t waste your time on “Facebook Angie,” that’s as futile as pissing into a fan. She sounds just like a million other stubborn idiots out there that refuse to allow facts, reason or logic get in the way of their opinions.

Yeah, they’re overpriced, but I think I’ll grab my laptop, and run up to my local Starbucks right now and order a Decaf Grande, Half Soy-Half Low Fat, Iced Vanilla, Double Shot Espresso, Gingerbread Latte, Extra Dry-Easy Ice, with 1 Sweet’N Low, 1 Splenda and 1 NutraSweet,………and finish listening to your show with the libs.