Friday, January 16, 2009

• Audio and transcript: The show that got us disabled at BTR

No one has been given any specific reason for the ouster

Listen for yourselves, friends. Perhaps you can find something we cannot, but so far, there has been no specific reason given by BlogTalkRadio for removing three of it's most successful, most professionally produced shows: Debra J.M. Smith, Buffman & Wrench, and The Jimmy Z Show.

Shows that are far less pro, yet far more profane and do personal-attack shows all the time are still embraced by management at BlogTalkRadio.

Click HERE to listen to the recording and read the transcript.

If BlogTalkRadio does not reinstate these programs, all of the details and the names of those involved will be discussed openly in venues yet to be revealed. Stay tuned.

You are encouraged to write BlogTalkRadio staff and speak out. At the moment, BlogTalkRadio appears to be removing voices that they disagree with.

BlogTalkRadio claims, "Now it's your turn to share your voice with the world" ... er, unless the staff at BTR disagrees with your position, or is intimidated by you putting on a top notch show that illustrates how unprofessional and lackluster THEIR shows are.

Remember, BTR staff have their own shows. They are in competition with you. If you begin to get ratings that compete with their programs, watch out.

More to come. --JZ


digiot said...

Hmmmm...very interesting. Hey, I am missing my daily dose of Jimmy Z today! Oh well, I'll be back on Monday. By the way, I dislike TalkShoe immensely; I don't want to hang out there so I'm glad you didn't settle for that. I will continue to listen to your shows here or wherever you choose to broadcast them. You are quite entertaining! digiot

Jimmy Z said...

If you could elaborate, because it's very important to me: What don't you like about TalkShoe? We are in the process of trying to install other features we might like to have there... but obviously BTR has the edge in terms of features and web site tech tricks.

But TalkShoe has the edge as they haven't banned shows simply because of disagreement over certain issues.

More details to come - I don't like beating a dead horse, but I'm going to tell my listeners all about what happened at BTR and why the three of us aren't on that website anymore. Stay tuned.


digiot said...

-The website is not aesthetically pleasing to my eye.
-I don’t like their intro jingle w/lame voice “recorded live”.
-BTR has spoiled me; much more polished and professional even though I’m just a listener, that makes a difference to me; Talkshoe seems so amateurish.
-I have so many shows I enjoy listening to on BTR that I cannot make time for; why would I want to register, get set up and start listening on Talkshoe? Less is more…quality vs. quantity.
-HOWEVER, if you should decide to use Talkshoe; I will go there. I absolutely love your show…. and I appreciate that it is free for my listening pleasure.

Jimmy Z said...

I agree with you on all points. These are the reasons that I have resisted putting my show there. I'd add to your list the fact that they call episodes "Community Calls," which kind of makes it sound like a party line with a bunch of teens goofing off.

Another reason is the lack of ability to upload my own audio - as you know, the audio clips I employ are a big part of what I like to do with my show. Bits, stingers, intros and themes are all important to me, and it doesn't sound as fresh at TS because they can't be loaded and played from there server.

The negative is that I'm not part of BlogTalkRadio, and hope is fading that they will reconsider. The positive is that I can podcast in stereo. Anyway, after a couple days' hiatus, the next episode is on the way! Thanks for the insight, I have been thinking the same things.

Jimmy Z said...

Also, please watch your BTR message box for a message.

Bigfoot said...

Hi Jimmy. Bigfoot here.

I'm certainly wondering what the heck happened to your BTR show (and Debra's and B&W). I've also noticed that a bunch of listeners (Danger Girl, stoke newington kris, Flag Gazer) and Maryland Conservative have also been kicked off BTR. And where did Sonlit Knight run off to?

If names and details are to be discussed, I'll be looking forward to hearing it all.