Monday, January 26, 2009

• The Jimmy Z Monday Show - In STEREO

Jimmy Z skewers the left again
Each segment runs approximately 30 minutes long.

Click HERE for Part One
Opening • Upcoming interviews • Rant: 'I never thought I'd see the day!' is the result of Sharpton, Jackson, etc • Support Obama because he's the first 'black' president? • Obama & Climate Change • Obama lifts the ban of abortion funding overseas • Obama is 'The Face of Black Genocide" • Star Parker at World Net Daily on abortion

Click HERE for Part Two
Nancy Pelosi says that contraception (abortion too) stimulates the economy • The Catholic Review on Obama lifting the ban to fund abortions overseas • Humor: strange fellow on youtube tells conservatives to 'go f- yourself' • Naive, arrogant Obama annoyed by the press already • Obama shows how bipartisanship will work • Economic advisor for Obama says Bush tax cuts are dead

Click HERE for Part Three
A new beginning for conservatives on the internet • Governor Patterson may feel a backlash over Kennedy snub • Blago says the rules for impeachment are unfair • Blago has 'gone insane' says a state representative • Obama's 'bipartisanship' crumbles, Obama fights with Rush Limbaugh • Arrogant Obama: 'I won, I'm the president' • Ways to incorporate the Jimmy Z Show into your day • Close

Show notes and linkage

• Obama 'The Face of Black Genocide' HERE
• Catholic Review on Obama lifting the ban to fund overseas abortions HERE
• Star Parker lets Obama have it regarding abortion HERE
• Nancy Pelosi says contraception stimulates the economy HERE
• Youtube fellow telling conservatives to 'go f- yourself' (LANGUAGE WARNING) HERE
• Bush tax cuts are dead HERE
• Patterson will feel the democrat backlash HERE
• Blago says the rules of impeachment are unfair HERE
• Blago 'has gone insane' HERE
• Obama the child-king says 'I won, I'm the president' HERE
• Bipartisonship crumbles, Obama fights with Rush Limbaugh HERE, HERE & HERE

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"I now have [Obama's] face to put on black genocide. He's released hard-earned tax dollars to kill babies... The most dangerous place for an African-American to be is in the womb of their African-American mother."
--Rev. Clinard Childress

• Blago upset by impeachment rules:

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