Thursday, January 22, 2009

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Each segment is approximately 30 minutes in length.

Click HERE for Part One
Opening • Rant: The darkness of the Obama era • Friend banned from college football message board for dismissing Obama • Obama corruption TV ad • Obama plate 'Letter from Steve' comedy • Apology letter from complainant over Air Force fly-by • Evil left wing chat room liberal hasn't paid Obama campaign's bill • Racism and hatred for Bush motivated many voters

Click HERE for Part Two

Commentary: On Obama, Martin Luther King & African Americans • Bill Keller on Oprah's unhappiness • Email to a granddaughter (via email) • BOOKMARKS: Bush showed the US is no paper tiger • Black civil rights fight is not over • Coronation Day DOW plunge

Click HERE for Part Three
Obama song by indoctrinated, sleepy looking youth • Palin & Bush songs by two hateful liberals • Euphoric nitwits talk about finally believing Americans run the country, because of Obama • TV ratings: Obama second to Ronald Reagan • Bob Parks' Black & Right website: 'Listening to Obama you feel God is speaking to you' • Schwarzenegger seeks high limits on car exhaust • MUST HEAR: Dick Morris on Obama's coming socialism - you should be scared

Show notes and links:
• Evil left wing chat participant & Obama refuse to pay landowner HERE
• Bill Keller: Obama is unhappy HERE
• Bush showed us that the US is no paper tiger HERE
• Black civil rights fight rages on HERE
• DOW plunges as Coronation proceeds HERE
• USS Green Bay info HERE
• TV ratings, Obama second to Reagan HERE
• Bob Parks' Black & Right website, 'God is speaking to you' HERE
• Schwarzenegger seeks high limits on car exhaust HERE
• Dick Morris' important piece on the coming socialism HERE
• Youtube videos we "enjoyed":

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Jimmy Z said...

To my friend and fan Jamie - if that was you writing to me privately earlier, let's get you on the show. You can talk about your song, what you believe Obama brings to this nation, and how agenda jibes with the US Constitution. If you're up for it, I sure am. Nothing but niceness; I'll give you all the time you like to air your opinions and views. Best, JZ